Yuru Yuri new OVAs and TV Series

Think fast, YuiThink fast, Yui!

We got so caught up with the Aikatsu! movie, I’m honestly out of the loop when it comes to Yuru Yuri news.


There will be two new OVAs coming this August and September and as far as I can tell, there is no info on whether or not the OVAs will show up in theaters first. If they do debut in theaters, then we won’t be seeing them until next year. If they do show up in Japanese TV, then, well, obviously we’re going to fansub them. And yes, of course, we’ll be teaming up with Bakkin Translations once again.


I haven’t put much thought into the TV series but one thing’s for sure is Akane from Bakkin Translations will gladly help us work on Season 3. If you want my personal opinion — It’s kinda hard working on TV shows when CrunchyRoll is around (again, one of the big reasons why Lazy Lily is switching to OVAs, movies, shorts) and I’m personally thinking of fansubbing the TV series when the Blu-ray comes out. There’s no weekly rush and we can use the best quality source.

But that’s just me thinking though. Got any thoughts and suggestions to share or concerns to address? Please leave a comment below!

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs