Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi+ is… COMING!!!

1426498905942For her.

Instead of bumping the other post, I’ll just make a new one. Just letting you know that Lazy Lily and Bakkin Translations are really working together for the OVAs and S3, and to make this post less repetitive, we got the air date for Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi +1 OVA! The OVA will air on August 20, 2015 on TV Tokyo. Mark your calendar, folks! Source: http://yuruyuri.com/blog/archives/3073

Now since this is a TV broadcast, we’re gonna need a .ts provider for this. I will try to get in contact with our former .ts provider for Hanayamata and see if he’s still around. If not, well, I hope you like Ohys-Raws! But seriously, if you know a .ts provider or you are one, please give Lazy Lily and Bakkin Translations the opportunity to use your transport stream files for the OVA. Oh yeah, if you’re impatient, we’re gonna release a WIP version. That all right with you, folks?

Regarding Season 3, the chance for us to work on the BD versions is very, very high. I’ve talked to Akane from Bakkin and they said it’s fine to wait for the BDs, but if there are no competent groups working on S3, then we’ll consider working on the TV rip version. In all honesty, the chance for us in doing that is very low because if CR/HorribleSubs picks up YrYr S3, I’m sure FFF and/or probably some new group are gonna release their own version of S3. I really can’t stress this enough, Lazy Lily is shying away from fansubbing TV shows because it’s already crowded and we can’t compete in terms of pace and speed. *psst*LL is only two people.*psst*

Let me ask you: Would you prefer watching our version by waiting a few days later or would you prefer going with the faster groups and watch the show ASAP?

As usual, please leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs