Yuru Yuri Drama CD #04 is OUT!!!


B-Better late than never! Gosh, when did we share the previous drama CD? 2 years ago?

We’re teaming up with Bakkin Translations once again to give you the rest of the drama CDs that were included in the first season Blu-ray bundle! And we assure you drama CD 5 won’t take us 2 more years… But hey, at least there’s something to look forward to, right?

Drama CD 4 is about China Su—Chinatsu’s fibbing got her into a very tight spot. It’s a cute drama CD that you either find Chinatsu extremely cute, or extremely delusional. So yeah, have fun, everyone. And sorry for the delay. ;_;


[Torrent] — Yuru Yuri Drama CD #4 – The Pudding Pudding Story

[Mega] — Yuru Yuri Drama CD #4 – The Pudding Pudding Story

If you didn’t listen to the previous Drama CDs…


Yuru Yuri Drama CD – 01 (Akari and Akane)
Yuru Yuri Drama CD – 02 (Kyouko and Ayano)
Yuru Yuri Drama CD – 03 (Yui and Chinatsu)


Translation — Akaza Akane
Typesetting — SHiN
Background — BO-kun


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