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Full Moon - Mitsuki

I always treated headphones as disposable products. If a pair sounds okay, comfortable, I can plug on my computer and cheap, I’ll buy it. If either speaker died, I toss it to the trash can and get another cheap one. Not too long ago I bought a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50 monitor headphones and these are currently the most expensive set of cans I have purchased. A friend congratulated me for owning “real” headphones and at first I didn’t know what he meant. But after listening to my favorite songs, the difference is like night and day — Instruments are more defined, I heard sounds that I didn’t notice before, and the songs sound infinitely better. I spent a lot of money, but it was all worth it. One of the best purchases I made.

Why am I talking about the M50s? I have yet to use it to listen to the full version of a song. A song that is found in Full Moon wo Sagashite. A song that I consider the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I burst into tears just by listening to the short version of the song and I refuse to listen to the full version until Lazy Lily managed to fansub all 50 episodes. If you listen to the song now, it may not give the same impact because the song shines when you hear it in one of the most emotional scene in the anime. I will not tell you what the song is, but you’ll know the song as soon as you hear it.

Now then…

Someone told me that I’m only watching idol shows like Love Live! and Aikatsu! because it’s the current fad, and I’m just the typical weeb eating up what’s currently popular in Japan. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong. My second most favorite anime of all time is an idol show, and I watched Full Moon wo Sagashite for more than a decade now.

What is this Full Moon? What made it so special for me?

Full Moon wo Sagashite or Searching for the Full Moon is a story of a 12 year old girl named Kouya Mitsuki who dreams in becoming a singer. Unfortunately for Mitsuki, she is suffering from a throat cancer in her throat. The doctors gave her two options: remove the tumor through surgery to save her life, but at the cost of losing her voice or ignore the tumor, keep her voice and let the tumor eat her life away. Refusing to lose her voice, two soul reapers or the shinigami appeared to take her life. Takuto, one of the shinigami, took pity of Mitsuki and gave her some of his shinigami powers to temporarily transform her sickly 12 year old body into a healthy teenage body. Mitsuki then uses this new form to enter an audition that she eventually got accepted. Mitsuki’s journey begins.

At first glace Full Moon is a low budget kids show with talking animals and cute character designs, but the main story is deceptively mature. The first half of the show is mainly about Mitsuki doing her idol activities and contain some quirky episodes like the shinigami can’t enter Mitsuki’s home because the house maid unwittingly placed an enchanted rock that stops spirits from entering. The bulk of the main story starts at the second half and that’s where Full Moon turns from a quirky kids show into a mature, emotional roller coaster ride. I was crying like a little girl and the last episode was so good, it left me speechless. I fucking love Full Moon.

Now Full Moon isn’t perfect. If you compare this show to other idol shows like Aikatsu!, Full Moon is produced with a low budget, no CG dance scenes, acting is iffy sometimes, the art and animation tend to be poor in quality, and the song selections are few. But… Who cares? Full Moon excels in the story, characters, and how deceptively mature it is. The songs are few, yes, but these are very high quality songs sung by someone with an actual human voice. Tired of chipmunks singing your animu songs? You’ll fit right in.

Full Moon wo Sagashite is, again, one of the best anime I have ever seen and I want you guys to experience this great anime.

I hope this little write-up convinced you to try out Full Moon and follow Lazy Lily as we fansub one of the most beautiful anime ever.

You can also check out our old SHiN-gx release of episode one just to get you the idea on what Full Moon is like.


Full Moon wo Sagashite DVD – 01 [SHiN-gx]

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs