What the Western Aikatsu! fanbase want

CQphJWUVAAAEqei.png origRan: Your (Aoi) ‘prism spiral’ is so very cute, cute.
Aoi: Ran, I can’t escape your ‘Trap of Love.’

“Trap of Love” and “prism spiral” are Ran and Aoi’s song titles respectively. You can tell I’m rushing this post because I didn’t TS the translation… yet.

Secret x Secret is out for a couple of days, but I can tell it’s not that popular based on the number of clicks the post got and the number of referral links. I was expecting this would happen because non-lewd books, isn’t really popular compared to lewd books. Sex sells, so to speak.

Obviously people want lewd, but quite frankly, I’m not good at reading the weather.

I understand the Western Aikatsu! fanbase is small and only a few of them read fan fiction and manga, so I was kinda thinking of optimizing this by working on books people actually want. And the problem is, I dunno how to get in touch with these fans.

My current solution is, well, talk to me here or over at twitter.

To everyone:

What kind of Aikatsu! content (that’s doable for us) do you want? You want lewd books over non-lewd ones? What pairing to you wish do see? RanAo? RanYuri? IchiAo? KaeYuri? RanSora? AkaSumi? HinaJuri?

The more we know your preferences, the more more we can optimize our translation picks.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily