Vote for the best Aikatsu! Idol!

Aikatsu! Girls


There are only 10 episodes left until Aikatsu! season 2 is over, so I thought it’d be great to make a poll! The poll is very simple — you vote for what you think is the best idol. Sadly not all of you is watching the show, but you can still vote based on their music videos. If you like any of them, vote.

Let the voting begin!

Hoshimiya Ichigo

Kiriya Aoi

Shibuki Ran

Arisugawa Otome

Toudou Yurika

Kitaouji Sakura

Ichinose Kaede

Oozora Akari

Hattori Yu (no video of her yet)

Hattori Yu

Minowa Hikari (no recent video of her)

Kamiya Shion (no CG model and song)

Kamiya Shion

Kanzaki Mizuki

Natsuki Mikuru

Otoshiro Seira

Saegusa Kii

Kazesawa Sora

Himesato Maria

There you go! Unfortunately some girls didn’t get the same treatment as the rest, but they’re still idols doing their thing. Observe carefully and vote wisely! Results will be posted after Aikatsu! ends.

Still having trouble choosing? Go vote for Kiriya Aoi!

Kiriya Aoi - 01645