[v2] Looking back @ Lazy Lily’s fansub history, and…

…sharing you my thoughts at how I saw fansubbing over the years.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - Special 3 [DVD][1024x576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi_snapshot_03.27_[2015.06.23_21.51.40]Behold! Our first fansub ever. And Setsuna a best. Download here.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – DVD Special 3 – Setsuna & Kuu [1024×576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi
First distributed on: 2007-07-14 06:41 UTC
First seen: datorrents and http://tokyotosho.info/details.php?id=81280

I was cleaning my room the other day and stumbled upon a stack of my old CD-R archives, and as I browsed through them, I saw a CD marked with “[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora DVD specials”. After watching them, I simply was shocked and said “Damn, this were our first fansub… in fucking 2007”. The nostalgia bombed so hard I’m making this post. Besides, I forever left /a/ so I had nothing else better than do other than play Dark Souls 2 for the umpteenth time (Dark Souls 3 is coming, so I’m gonna waste my time on that soon).

If you’re interested, please join me as I reminisce my 8 years as a fansubber, how I was lucky and managed to survive, and what I saw over the years. If you’re not interested, how about check our Library because we (sorta) added some stuff, or check out our recent fansub release, or something…

I may be missing some details or I forgot what actually happened, but here goes…

WARNING: Very long post.


[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - Special 3 [DVD][1024x576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi_snapshot_00.20_[2015.06.23_21.45.06]That expert encoding using the advanced XviD!

Before I went to 4chan I was a random member of the AXN-Asia forums and that’s where I started really talking about anime to people outside my country. AXN had a decent library of anime like from the classic Slam Dunk to the very emotional Now and Then, Here and There and to the very strange Strange Dawn. The forums were very populated, so I got to talk anime to a lot of people around SEA. There I met some folks at the long-running Mecha Thread (can be considered a ‘general’ for you 4chan fags) who are well-informed about downloading fansubs and that’s where I discovered bittorrent. I still remember my first fansub download via torrent was Maria-sama ga Miteru and the download was very slow. Clearly I did something wrong.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - Special 3 [DVD][1024x576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi_snapshot_00.32_[2015.06.23_21.45.26]That expert typesetting!

In the Mecha Thread I met gx9901, the one in charge of the thread. He taught me some of the stuff about fansubs and he, at the time, was learning Japanese. One day, I was browsing Tokyo Toshokan and saw a raw of the Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora DVD special 3 and I was wondering why Ayako Fansubs didn’t sub it. That gave me an idea to try and fansub it, so I asked gx9901 if he can translate the DVD special. He said he can. The next problem was the script timing, typesetting and encoding. Since I’m the one who came up with the idea, I went to the internet to learn about script timing and video encoding. I spent my free time reading up guides and forum posts on how to fansub and I got the basic knowledge within a week. Loaded up the raw to VirtualDub, select XviD codec for video, set up LameMP3 for audio and bam, my very first encode. Timing was easy and completed the script in a day — Just loaded the AVI file to Aegisub, messed around with the fonts and done. It was fun doing something you just figured out. Part of the motivation because I was bored and got nothing to do, or something.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - Special 3 [DVD][1024x576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi_snapshot_04.10_[2015.06.23_21.53.55]Guess who got first dibs.

Yes, my full name was SHiN_aKuMa. I got my name after Shin Akuma from Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the PS1. The fansub was ready, but we didn’t have a name yet. After a non-existent heated argument, we came up with the name SHiN-gx Fansubs, short for SHiN_aKuMa and gx9901 Fansubs. Why was my name first? Because I led the project. Easy. I registered to dattorrents, uploaded the torrent to its database and bam, torrent out and SHiN-gx Fansubs made its debut on July 14, 2007.

It was a spur of the moment thing. I was ill-equipped, I didn’t know shit about Japanese, I was, and still am, poor (I earn 155 USD a month), the computer I used was the family’s aging Pentium 4 PC with a fucking 80 GB hard drive space, I had zero idea on how to run a group, no idea on how to get all the stuff needed for fansubbing and I didn’t have a damn server to run. I just jumped in and tried out fansubbing. I was basically a poor nobody trying out a rich man’s hobby. Yeah, I suck at managing my finances and priorities. What do you call this kind of mentality? Autism, was it?

Myself; Yourself 01 DVD RAWv2.mkv_snapshot_00.09_[2015.06.23_23.56.30]For some reason “Aoi” is a common name found in the shows we subbed.

Why did I still continue? It was fun!

We eventually finished the DVD specials and we even translated the Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny DVD specials. I erected SHiN-gx Fansubs for people looking for our subs and seeing comments like “wow, thanks for the subs!” or “great job, guys!” gave us energy to continue. Our next big endeavor was fansubbing Myself; Yourself. The show was very hard for gx9901 to handle, so pacing was slow and admittedly, we improvised some lines based on the context we’re seeing. With the lack of a TLC’er and editor, the script was a total mess with silly lines like “Close the lights” and missing translations. They’re watchable, but not as polished as the other group… I think it was m.3.3.w Fansubs (then to w.0.0.f. because of the copyright boogeyman, me thinks). People still cheered us on and thanked us… maybe out of pity…?


[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 12 (1280x720 h264) [EA2C2BB8].mkv_snapshot_00.23_[2015.07.14_20.21.00]

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 12 (1280x720 h264) [EA2C2BB8].mkv_snapshot_00.32_[2015.07.14_20.21.20]Fansubbing can be summed up in one or two screenshots.

Fansubs are translations made by (in this case anime) fans and are distributed to fans who couldn’t understand the language and the works are free of charge. More or less. My own definition of fansubs? The same, plus fansubs are fan-pandering and/or ego-pandering works that also act as a mini learn-Japanese-101 videos.

I am open to admit that part of fansubbing is stroking your ego and I did so on many occasions. On our first outing, we followed what every fansubber did at the time: put your group name on the opening title, put our names on the screen together with the actual people who worked on the anime with their own hands, put TL notes on screen so we can pretend we know a lot of obscure Japanese trivia and to teach anyone who lacks the ability to Google what a “ramen” is, and put out the fanciest karaoke out there.

[SHiN-gx]Ikkitousen_Dragon_Destiny_-_Special_4_[704x396 XviD MP3][BB67CB89].avi_snapshot_03.18_[2015.07.08_12.08.44]Apparently our names were so important, we covered the actual people who made the anime.

[SHiN-gx_Genjo] Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens - 03 [1280x720 h.264 AAC][D460C583].mkv_snapshot_00.14_[2015.07.08_12.12.23]

You can tell this is our version. Don’t confuse us with Ayako! Come to think it, we picked Ayako as the group to beat/surpass. Not sure our standards were that low or high.

To possibly explain the origin of slapping group names to the OP themes, I think it all started when people started selling fansubs to auction sites, etc. Fansubbers didn’t like the idea of people making money out of their subs and to counter this, they added their group names, IRC channels or websites and added disclaimers like “Not for rent, sale or auction! If you bought this fansub you have been ripped off!” on the opening themes. That way any idiot who paid for their fansubs will see the names of the groups and will go and seek them out.

Side effect? Any new group will think it’s a normal thing to do and, well, things went out of control. From stopping people from selling fansubs to fools, to turning them into group signatures saying these subs were made by someone who is highly reputable in the community.

[Lazy Lily] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W - OVA [DVD][2xSubs][A8C8F415].mkv_snapshot_07.10_[2015.07.08_12.16.36]Additional TL note: Onsen means “to bone what’s in front of you.”

People fansub for fun. That’s a straight up fact. It’s the fun factor and anyone with a set of skills can stroke their e—apply it to fansubbing. You thought it was cool to use Deen() in every video you encode because the cool AMV’ers were using it. You pirated Adobe After Effects one day and discovered you can use it to apply overlays to an encode and let everyone see that dynamic particle effects without using too much CPU resources and laugh at the opposition for having little effects and then piss of them why their encodes aren’t over 350 MB. Or express your obsession of the Japanese culture you just learned through TL notes by keeping honorifics and expressions intact and teach these lowly plebs that 仕方ない must always be translated to ‘it can’t be helped.’ “Liberal translation destroys their subtle meanings!”, one weeb tried to argue-de arimasu.

[Shinsen-Subs]_Casshern_SINS_-_19_[720p][B7C89979].mkv_snapshot_00.59_[2015.07.14_19.41.38]Shinsen-Subs’s OP and ED for Casshern Sins. Instead of fitting translation and romaji together, they put all translation to odd-numbered episodes and the romaji to the even-numbered episodes. Used this idea on our Sasameki Koto DVD version. Also no karaoke.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun with your fansubs and this kind of freedom motivates you to do crazy and creative stuff. This freedom had led to the creation of fancy karaoke effects and expertly made typesetting. I was amazed to see feathers popping up after each syllable and then cry my PC couldn’t handle it. I think it was the ending karaoke of School Days… my second most hated anime of all time.

The more you inflate your ego, however, can blind you to its biggest flaw. More on that later.


[SHiN-gx] Working!! - 07 [DVD][720x480 AR h.264 AAC][v2][FFE7DC0E].mkv_snapshot_02.35_[2015.07.08_18.35.54]THE YAMADA

We knew we’re not experienced enough to fansub something this big like Myself;Yourself and gx9901 was already feeling the pressure, but I still pushed him to translate short shows like the SHUFFLE! Memories, Kaibutsu Oujo DVD only episode, Kyou no Go ni special, and Candy Boy with me helping with the TLC. Aside from those, we severely lacked the equipment and resources to function as a fansub group. No proper raw provider, no proper equipment for encoding and we didn’t have the internet speed needed to constantly seed our growing library.

[SHiN-gx] Kaibutsu Oujo - 26 - Dead Sleep Princess [DVD][704x400 XviD MP3][9F4BCC0C].avi_snapshot_10.40_[2015.06.24_00.19.14]Mamiko Noto’s voice is ear sex. Wonder what if feels like listening her voice using the M50s…

At this point, SHiN-gx Fansubs was reaching a dead end, the core members left and gx9901 was losing interest and will only fansub short videos or shorts that he found simple to translate (and after constant nagging). Fortunately for SHiN-gx, I’m one persistent fool and still want to continue.


[SHiN-gx] Candy Boy - Episode 00 [ONA][DVD][720x480 AR h.264 FLAC][1094F81D].mkv_snapshot_06.33_[2015.07.08_19.20.37]Candy Boy — My pet project at the time.

The ONA Candy Boy reared its lovely face around Autumn/Winter 2007 and I fell in love with it, and I convinced my TL to translate it for me. It was one of the best fansubs we made at the time and after it was announced Candy Boy will have more episodes, gx9901 wasn’t thrilled hearing the news.

2008 was a great year for the group even though we barely subbed anything. Why was it a good year, you ask? We did a good job at fansubbing Candy Boy, it encouraged one person to help us with the editing of our future stuff. His name is nx0 and he’s been with me and the group ever since as head editor. He barely edits anything now, but he’s still around helping me with technical stuff. He was the one who offered to host Lazy Lily to his electrochef after wordpress banned SHiN-gx for “illegally distributing copyrighted material (fansubs)” and then helped set up Lazy Lily.moe. It didn’t end there. One kind soul that goes by the name Lester offered his server so we can store and distribute our stuff to group members online. He stopped providing his server around 2013, I think, but I wasn’t upset. He helped the group distribute the huge ISO files around for as long as he could and he did all that because he loved our Candy Boy and other yuri stuff. I was fucking lucky he came around. It didn’t end there too. A few translators came and helped with Candy Boy and a few offered their seedbox. SHiN-gx Fansubs is alive with new people.


[SHiN-gx] Candy Boy - Episode 06 [DVD][720x480 AR h.264 FLAC][A97FC9A8].mkv_snapshot_01.07_[2015.07.08_20.35.44]Gayest sisters ever

I think this was around this time I was considering of removing honorifics completely and I used Candy Boy as a guinea pig to see if it’s really possible to fansub something without honorifics. If you followed SHiN-gx at 2008-2010, you’d notice we released more than 4 versions of each Candy Boy episode. Aside from me still mastering the art of properly encoding VBR sources (I used AnimeIVTC), we made a lot of revisions on how to make Candy Boy work without honorifics.

Yuki-nee > Sis Yuki > Yukino

Yuki-neechan > Sis Yuki > Yuki

What made me decide to stop using honorifics? Simple. Honorifics made the lines longer especially using -neechan, -neesama, -niichan/onii-chan, -senpai, etc. That’s one of the main reason. So why did I bother with this sort of thing in the first place? I wanted to give SHiN-gx Fansubs an identity of its own, something that sets us apart from other groups. 99.99% of the groups were using honorifics like it’s a fansubbing standard, we went the opposite direction and be that kid who thought differently.


I was already hanging around at other fansub groups’ IRC channels around mid 2006 and after my group took off, I made it a habit of frequently checking out the channels, learning how they do things, offering my services and hope they’ll help me in return. I went to GNU Fansubs, Genjo Fansubs, Moetaku Fansubs and even Your Mom Fansubs. I couldn’t penetrate bigger groups like Shinsen-Subs and AnimeOne mainly because they’re overstaffed with so many editors, timers and encoders at their disposal. Speaking of Your Mom Fansubs, I went to them after they picked up School Rumble ni Gakki. Not sure what happened to Wannabe Fansubs… If I recall correctly, their head TL stopped because he got a girlfriend or something. Scary. Unfortunately Nightfalcon, the TL of YMF didn’t have one so he kept on translating School Rumble S2. The subs were bad, but they’re serviceable and they were nice enough to finish the show. What’s memorable about them is they royally pissed off Yesy Fansubs because YMF picked up Utawarerumono. That’s what you get for being slow, gents.


Eventually gx9901 left to start his own group Mamiko Subs in 2009 and I’m still keeping the group running with my new-found staff. Unfortunately for me, the translators left and I went back and continued putting out help wanted ads. And then… luck happened.

[SHiN-gx_Genjo] Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens - 04 [1280x720 h.264 AAC][01DE937D].mkv_snapshot_01.09_[2015.06.24_00.29.30]Yes, we did karaoke before.

Kannagi caught my attention after seeing the rather catchy (and misleading) opening theme. “I want to sub this!” I said to myself, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have a willing translator. Wait, I actually found one and helped translate the first episode and released it under [TreeSubs and SHiN-gx], I think. I got the taste of episode 1 and quite liked it, but I was sad I couldn’t continue. Along the way, I downloaded a fansub by XedO-Speedsubs. I really wanted to continue subbing Kannagi and I’m willing to work with anyone and after contacting the Singapore-based XedO-Speedsubs, things turned out differently. The group were in ties with Genjo Subs and proposed we do collaboration to fansub Kannagi. SHiN-gx_Genjo happened. With their translators at my disposal, I asked them to help me complete my pet project Candy Boy and everything went well. However, there was a slight problem: The translators were Chinese-to-English translators. They take Chinese fansubs and then translate them to English. This was very common back in the day, and I took the risk, and tried very hard to help TLC the scripts. After we fansubbed Kannagi, we moved on to our next big projects.


[SHiN-gx] Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - 05 [DVD][720x480 AR h.264 AC3][v2][713D2894].mkv_snapshot_07.24_[2015.06.24_00.44.04]Yes, those are boob formations in the background.

[SHiN-gx] Sasameki Koto - 08 [DVD][720x480 AR h.264 AAC][CF682C45].mkv_snapshot_08.16_[2015.07.09_22.24.13]Oh hey there, Aoi.

Around this time, CrunchyRoll were slowly taking over, but that didn’t stop SHiN-gx from fansubbing Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!, Aoi Hana, and Sasameki Koto. We’re still using the same translators from Genjo Subs and admittedly we took a peek at CR’s subs for lines we’re not sure of. The projects were a success, we exported our subs to DVD and even translated the DVD specials for Juuden-chan. And also around this time, SHiN-gx Fansubs were one of the most familiar groups in the fansubbing community. Some smaller groups even came to me asking for assistance or requesting we do a collaboration, finding editors and typesetters were easy now, and heck, I even successfully hired a handful of translators. And hell, more people joined because they loved the things we subbed.


O-OkayOuch… And it’s “Lilies.”

After releasing a few shows, people were now aware that SHiN-gx Fansubs doesn’t really like honorifics, we translate the titles, typesetting are kept to a minimum or simple, and were not using the same scripts as CR’s. It’s no longer the issue of honorifics making the lines longer, it’s now all about them not needed in translations. A majority of the people say that we’re subbing shows the American way for some reason. I don’t want to elaborate as to why I hate honorifics because I’m already tired repeating the same argument and tired of repeating the same response. Here’s what we usually do before we sub a show — pick the right editor/translator. We hired an actual chef (Chef Trace) to custom edit our Working!! subs to make the characters sound authentic by adding kitchen jargon and we hired female editors/translators when we sub all girls shows like Sono Hanabira (10sighbaka), Sasameki Koto, etc. The results were a mixed bag, but they did make our subs different from the rest. Even with these setbacks, we also gained some supporters and donors.


[Mamiko_SHiN] Mahoromatic - Tadaima Okaeri - 02 [BD][1920x1080 h.264 FLAC][50ECA72D].mkv_snapshot_04.07_[2015.07.09_23.01.40]This my first BD encode. 16-18 hours per 1080p episode using my 2.20 GHz Core2Duo PC.

We released a lot of stuff and we were pretty well-known, but it doesn’t mean other groups will jump in and invite us to do collaboration projects. We look like clowns to them — no real website, can’t provide a seed box, my computer was a Core2Duo, I had an upload speed of 40 KB/s, I have a huge ego, and no mainstay translator. Plus these groups are big. Why would these giants work with nobodies like SHiN-gx? It’s not all that bad, though. If ever I want to do some collaborations, I’d prefer groups with members I’m close with. Like Mamiko Subs. gx9901 (now yukachi) invited SHiN-gx to fansub Mahoromatic – Tadaima Okaeri OVA and he didn’t mind we skip the honorifics. After a successful collaboration, we helped each other out once in a while. I helped him encode some stuff and he helped me check some lines. It felt like I just had a touching reunion with an old, long lost friend.

What about now? What if some group invites us to sub an anime with them? I’d honestly turn them down. Like I said, I’d prefer working with people I’m close with. I don’t care if the group is the biggest or one of the best. If there’s no bond, the project will just fall apart. I’ve been through a lot of failures and I can’t be assed to see another one.


[SHiN-gx] Kuttsukiboshi - 01 [DVD][DD32E8DA].mkv_snapshot_07.19_[2015.07.12_02.09.02]Video quality was poor, encoding this with heavy filters was hell. Annoyed by my encoder’s 19 hour ETA, I stopped caring and went on using light filters.

I was ignoring the fact that SHiN-gx is still a very small group with lots of volunteers, but I still pressed on and demanded to sub more shows. Out of the three shows we subbed that year, Working!! was the only finished. A part of me was upset we dropped K-ON!! and Panty and Stocking, but at the same time I was relieved there’s less work to do. Seriously, part of me needed a break because I usually do the majority of the tasks — I’m the encoder, timer, typesetter, backup editor, backup QC’er, seeder, and PR.

The translators of Genjo Subs left, but fortunately the group still had two translators to keep us afloat. Now that I think about it…


[SHiN-gx] Aki Sora - Yume no Naka - 02 [FINAL][DVD][720x480 AR h.264 AAC][925CD262].mkv_snapshot_21.35_[2015.07.12_02.54.37]“Anime that are not hentai” shows are popping up and one of the most popular ones involve twins. Aki Sora is one of them.

…I do wonder what my formers members thought of their experience working with me. If you want my honest opinion, I’d say some of them really didn’t like me and the group. 90% of them simply vanished once they had enough. No goodbyes, no parting words, they just vanish. I hate it when people does this because I can’t correct myself if I don’t know what’s wrong with me and my leadership. They must have left because I was an asshole. Maybe they left because they didn’t like the shows we picked. Or maybe they left without telling me maybe because I didn’t qualify as their friend. I had made made a lot of friends of course and some did tell me that they’re leaving, so I wasn’t overly anti-social. Heh, Endersgame was one of my close friends and stopped fansubbing because he was getting married. Do you still remember me trying to sell those dakimakuras? Those were his. I hope he’s doing alright and raised some fine children.


(Garbage is my all-time favorite band in the West)

hoboFull thread here.

However, people leaving without saying a goodbye has changed a part of me — I became more direct and confrontational to my group mates because if they don’t to take me seriously, I will do the same to them. I stopped being overly nice to new recruits and warned them that while fansubbing is fun, the production of a fansub is very time-consuming and annoying. My demeanor changed overtime. I was known as a “happy-go-lucky person who doesn’t care and posts waifus everyday” in /a/ and then I became more susceptible to rage and people can successfully “trigger” me. Or is it I’m just being paranoid, emotional or I’m just getting too old for this sort of thing?


[SHiN-gx] Yuru Yuri - 02 [BD][720p][E0C6E15D].mkv_snapshot_21.43_[2015.03.13_12.50.17]I love this song as a kid and even to this day I still remember it… the chorus at least…

2011 is the group’s most active year and we subbed Railgun OVA, A-Channel, Hanasaku Iroha, Kaibutsu Oujo OVA, Yuri Seijin Naoko-san, Morita-san wa Mukuchi, Zero no Tsukaima F and Yuru Yuri. Unfortunately we didn’t finish Hanasaku Iroha, A-Channel and Zero no Tsukaima F because, as usual, we bitten off more than we could chew. The shows we did sub and complete like Yuru Yuri kept us afloat in terms of relevancy because at this point people prefer fansubs over CR because they think fansubs are just, uh, better (karaoke magically makes fansubs superior to CR for some reason). More on that later.


[SHiN-gx] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Reo x Mai Diaries - 04 [Webrip][640x480 h.264 AAC][4EC96427].mkv_snapshot_00.41_[2015.07.12_12.40.29]I made this faux UI for the Reo x Mai Diaries. It even has a mouse cursor animation.

I was open to try out other stuff and every stuff we did that are not anime fansubs were interesting experiences. Our translator suggested we do the Reo x Mai diaries from YouTube and instead of just putting a box with text on screen, I went the extra mile by mimicking the VN’s UI with a mouse cursor animation. I think this is my most complex typesetting I have ever made. It pale in comparison by other modern fansubs, but hey, I don’t care what’s under the hood for as long as it looks good. Right? RIGHT?!

Sono-Hana-OVA-multi-subHentai with 10 fan subtitles. Probably the first of its kind. Download here.

When Sono Hanabira OVA came out, it is, I think, the second rare pure yuri hentai in existence and a lot of people had high hopes it’ll be at least miles better than Shoujo Sect — Innocent Lovers. UFW was also making their version of the OVA and to make us stand out, I came up with this crazy idea of doing a multi-sub Sono Hanabira OVA. And that’s what we did — I made an announcement calling out every non-English fansubber to help make this happen. Oh, and this is perhaps the group’s biggest collaboration project ever.

Heh, I also added a Filipino fan-subtitle version, so that makes this the very first Filipino hentai fansub in the world.

[SHiN-gx] Yuru Yuri Drama CD - 01 [v3][307D729A].mkv_snapshot_05.19_[2015.07.12_13.04.07]Akane molested poor, poor Akari as a baby… Oh god.

When we were importing our TV subs to the BD encodes, we also did the Yuru Yuri drama CDs. Since I had no idea on what to do with drama CD translations, I just took a picture of the characters involved and slapped the translations inside a semi-transparent box. It’s not as complex as my Sono Hanabira faux UI, but there’s no need to add extra crap to the screen.

sakura_trick_vol01_ch03_pg03Oh wait… The art of the first few volumes are attractive than the recent ones…

We’re doing manga as well because… why not? In order to raise awareness and hype people for the then upcoming anime Sakura Trick TV, we picked up the manga and started around where the other group has left off. We didn’t take the project by force but after seeing them doing nothing for months, we thought we’d take it off their hands without asking. We’re not dropping ST, in case you were wondering. Oh and I’m sorry, that guy from that site. We will never add honorifics to your Sakura Trick manga translations.

IchiAoi04Not odayaka. Not odayaka at all.

We’re doing doujinshi as well! The decision to include Aikatsu! doujinshi translations to our to-do list is a bit, uh, well, it started when bullshit happened in /a/. I was trying to keep a pure Aikatsu thread afloat by providing news and stuff every day and in order for me to do that I need to be able to read Japanese. I started learning Hiragana, Katakana, basic particles and grammar so I can fish info from Japanese fans at Twitter. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough and I needed more content. What I did next was very expensive: Buy stuff from Japan and share it to the folks following the thread. While waiting for the event to arrive, I tested my Japanese knowledge by translating Yoban’s Aru Asa no IchiAo-chan. It was hard to translate but we pulled through thanks to Uichan’s Japanese experience.

Fortune didn’t smile on me and after a series of unfortunate events, I raged quit /a/. I lost all meaning to use all the stuff I bought from Japan. Thankfully I realized there was a major flaw in my logic —  “Why the fuck am I trying to impress these assholes from a hellhole the rest of the internet doesn’t care about?”

Lazy Lily Scans

Decent (growing) selection of doujin translations and art books you won’t see anywhere else.

With the little manpower we got, we can manage to release at least one doujinshi and one art book per month. Aikatsu! fans around the world wants yuri doujinshi translation? For fuck’s sake we’re doing just that. No exclusive shit, no more catering to a select few people, none of that shit. Lazy Lily will aim to be one one of the biggest or be the only group to provide the vast amount of Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi translations and fans around the world will finally get to read more of these fan-made treasures. It won’t happen right away, but goddamn, I will make it happen.


[gg]_Chuunibyou_Demo_Koi_ga_Shitai!_-_OVA_[BF68585B].mkv_snapshot_21.12_[2013.06.24_12.49.21]It really happened. [gg], Chuunibyou. [gg]… death.

Oh hey, we take inspirations from other groups. We’re not that closed-minded, you know.

Wannabe Fansubs — Translated one of my favorite anime of all time School Rumble with memorable translations and one of the motivators for me to try out fansubbing. Stop putting unrelated TL notes though.

a.f.k. — For letting me watch Full Moon wo Sagashite, the show I consider to be the most beautiful anime ever made and you’re one of the prime examples of adding pointless scene clutter and ruining key moments of the anime by slapping karaoke typesetting. This show needs saving.

Shinsen-Subs — Former powerhouse and translated majority of the anime I watched. They inspired me that TL notes are distracting and if I want to put some trivia, I’d put them in a text file or put them in the release post or do what SHS did: Put the TL notes after the episode has ended. Go watch their Demonbane TV TL notes at the end. Fucking impressive.

gg Fansubs and CoalGuys — maymay-tier most of the time, but they were creative with their translations that added a certain flavor, charm and personality. gg sometimes do no honorifics translations and showed me shows work without going weeb about it. To name a few favorite shows they did: Toradora, Kampfer, Puella Magi Madoka, Kara no Kyoukai, and Binbougami.

SS-Eclipse-tier Fansub groups — Putting your group logo and/or slapping eye-cancerous karaoke every chance you get is an insult to the anime you subbed-de arimashita ne.

Mezashite Fansubs — Supposedly my role model for the new generation of fansubbers with their “Not with quality, but with love” tagline and their simplicity… until their ego inflated. As much as they love the anime they subbed, like a.f.k. and SS-Eclipse, they don’t actually respect the shows by adding pointless typesetting to every singing scene like it’s a general rule of fansubbing. It’s like you love a dog so much and ended up killing it because you fed it too much chocolate and ignored the fact dogs can’t metabolize certain compounds found in the sweets.

I wonder if people will be happy if translation groups put flashy karaoke effects in movies like, say, Les Misérables. Anyways, as I mentioned before, SHiN-gx/Lazy Lily is a small group who were not cool enough to talk to the cool kids, but regardless, I have made lots of friends who fansubs. Sometimes we help each other out and sometimes play games together in Steam. If ever I meet someone from a popular group, I bet it’ll end up like the clash of elitism.


[Lazy Lily] Aikatsu! the Movie [1080p][6B58C1ED].mkv_snapshot_00.59.53_[2015.07.11_00.45.45]Arsène Lupin went thataway.

  1. Fansubs are fan-made translations made by fans to provide translations of shows CR didn’t pick up and they’re distributed free of charge.
  2. Fansubs are superior versions of CR. CR translations are lifeless because they’re paying the translators, they use Arial or any stock Windows font as subtitle font and they don’t use karaoke.
  3. Fansubs are re-edits of CR subs (fixing the scripts by adding honorifics) and adding the usual fansubbing bells and whistles.
  4. “Fansubs are free stuff, you ungrateful entitled cunts. We can do whatever we want with it.”

2012 — APATHY

[SHiN-gx] Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA - 02 [1080p][BD][3282501D].mkv_snapshot_17.52_[2015.07.12_22.25.59]Contrary to popular belief, we’re not limited to Slice of Life and Yuri.

Change of plans — Fansub one TV series and random OVAs per year. Uichan is the only translator left in the group and since we did Yuru Yuri S1, we picked up and finished Yuru Yuri S2. We also picked up Senjou no Valkyria 3: Unrecorded Chronicles – Tagatame no Juusou as our OVA project. If I recall correctly, Uichan decided to pick this one up to raise awareness and encourage SEGA to localize a VC game for the PSP platform. I don’t think I recall any memorable moments in 2012, but eh, group was still alive.


[Lazy Lily] Hanayamata_Ep2_1080v0.mkv_snapshot_00.32_[2015.07.13_06.32.24]I made a lot of BD encodes, but they will never see the light of day because we dropped the shows. Case in point.

Donations? Back at SHiN-gx, I accumulated around 600 bucks, more or less. What did I do with it? It went to building a computer for encoding purposes. Admittedly I indulged myself and bought a video card, and bought a few Steam games during sales, but yeah, the rest went to the computer parts. I’m actually using the very same 2500k Sandy Bridge computer and all the BD rips you see here were made possible because of donations. From 24 hours encoding a 1080p video to under 1-2 hours. It saved a lot of time. The Aikatsu! movie 1080p (1hr, 27min) took 7 hours to encode.

Quite frankly this computer saved my “career” because I was able to encode HD streams with ease. I could have given up and stopped fansubbing if I still had my 2.20 GHz Core2Duo, 2 GB DDR2 RAM with 160 GB of storage space PC. Thanks, guys. I really mean that.


[Lazy Lily] Yama no Susume - 10 [BD][1080p][9504B648].mkv_snapshot_01.28_[2015.07.13_06.38.09]Yama no Susume, the only TV series we subbed in 2013.

Things became gloomy around 2013. Crunchyroll picking up shows left and right, new groups are popping up releasing re-edits making the fansubbing scene overcrowded, and SHiN-gx losing relevance after moving from wordpress to anirena. To make things worse, my reputation as a tripfag in /a/ was no longer helping. The name SHiN is associated to what’s wrong about the group, it represented egotism, elitism and all that crap. And with the world changing, we too needed to change, we needed a reboot. Enter Lazy Lily.

[Lazy Lily] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - OVA [DVD][2xSubs][5D69DE4A].mkv_snapshot_05.31_[2015.07.13_06.57.13]Nyaruko-san OVA is Lazy Lily’s first fansub… I think. Or was it the 3rd YrYr Drama CD or YnS episode 13…

In Lazy Lily, we applied whatever we learned, removed the things that made fansubbing horrible and applied our own brand of fansubbing — focus on the translations, make simple non-animating typesetting for the OP and ED, insert songs should use the dialogue font to avoid disconnect and scene clutter, no more out of place karaoke bullshit, keep our no honorifics policy, but still keeping some fansub staples like stylized fonts, sign typesetting and retaining the romaji (for now).

Where does the name Lazy Lily come from?

[SHiN-gx] Yuru Yuri S2 - 04 [BD][720p][31E21E08].mkv_snapshot_00.56_[2015.06.24_01.40.05]Yep… We translated “Yuru Yuri” to “Lazy Lilies”. What? You want “Lewd Labia” instead?


[Lazy Lily] Sakura Trick - 11 [720p][2x Subs][7A00C21E].mkv_snapshot_14.42_[2015.07.13_07.19.01]Kaede will win da Yuzu-bowl.

With the new name and new policies in place, all we gotta do is show them. We managed to stay competitive by releasing episodes of Sakura Trick TV at a consistent pace using a method I developed. We had two translators Uichan and Daigo, and they take turns in translating the episodes to make fully use of their different timezones. The editor slowly works his way while the two TLs construct the script. I act as part timer, part TLC so I spot errors as I time the script. I also mark signs along the way so that our TS’er will begin typesetting. The method worked and finished Sakura Trick TV will minimum fuss. It was great.


[Lazy Lily] Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA [1080p][E19BF943].mkv_snapshot_00.01.38_[2015.06.24_01.54.58]Come again, China Sue?

After Sakura Trick, what happened? Uichan was bombarded with schoolwork and IRL stuff, I got into fights because nothing is happening the way I wanted, the rest of the staff and volunteers left because the group was inactive, it felt like 2014 was going to be Lazy Lily’s last year. We dropped Hanayamata because we can’t compete with CR and faster groups, and with nothing else to do, shutting down Lazy Lily was imminent. However, I reconsidered some options.


nailing it

In order for Lazy Lily to survive for many years to come, I needed to carry her myself. I was already learning Japanese so I can read Twitter news about an upcoming Aikatsu!-only event in February 2015 and instead of limiting myself to Twitter, I decided to expand my learning by translating doujinshi. This way I exercise myself in how to familiarize myself with the words, familiarize myself with Kanji, learn how sentences are made, getting myself familiar with particles, etc. With Uichan’s tutelage, I slowly progress basic to intermediate grammar through practicing translation. On January 2015, Lazy Lily officially added doujinshi translations to our list of things we’re capable of.

TL creditsI will never say I did everything. I got a lot of help.

With constant assistance from Uichan, I slowly familiarize myself with the language and I slowly improve after each translation job. Not to neglect my anime fansubbing roots, I also practice myself by choosing to watch raws over subs. After I lost all respect for Mezashite with their ego-stroking garbage typesetting and insulted Passion Flower, I stopped watching their subs, and chose Aikatsu!, a kids show, as my starting point.


[Lazy Lily] Aikatsu! the Movie [1080p][6B58C1ED].mkv_snapshot_01.09.57_[2015.07.13_21.24.14]Give Aikatsu! and the fans the respect they deserve.

CR pretty much dominated (how many times I’ve said this?) and since obviously we can’t beat them and other groups, we shifted our focus on OVAs, shorts, and movies. On March 2015, Lazy Lily released Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi OVA and on June 2015, we released our first movie project Aikatsu! the Movie. We have at least three years worth of Aikatsu! doujinshi to burn, Sakura Trick manga to finish, and lots of interesting OVAs and movies on the horizon, Lazy Lily will continue to thrive and provide fan translations we think are the most optimal. This is the current Lazy Lily Fansubs.


[SHiN-gx] Yuru Yuri - 01 [BD][720p][3EA38CF8].mkv_snapshot_05.33_[2015.03.13_12.46.44]Still my favorite line I made.

Instead of dwelling into the past, I purged any bad blood I had in /a/ and I’m working hard in earning new friends by doing my own thing. After I raged quit, I found solace in a small IRC channel and there I met some great folks and Akane from Bakkin Translations. Unfortunately I stopped visiting the channel because I was uncomfortable with some people who kept nudging me to the people I try to avoid. I’m sorry for leaving without any notice, tomatoes. I am always here at Steam when you need me. I am always free to do some DaS1-2 bro-op! I hope TK cleared that area with lighting ponies without my assistance. ;_;

Outside of IRC I met some wonderful folks at Twitter. They gave me support, warmth and friendship. They even helped Lazy Lily by cleaning and typesetting our doujinshi and give pointers about the characters when we subbed the Aikatsu! movie. I highly doubt we can achieve the same level of quality without Radiosity7‘s help. I think I’m doing fine so far. Right?


Fansubs are fan-made translations made by fans to provide translations of shows to fans who can’t understand the language. With the advancement of technology (better encoding, better motion syncing, etc.) and information can easily be accessed on the internet, fansubs or fansubbing as a whole didn’t really change. They are stuck in their aging obsolete tradition and refuses to change. Fansubs are just novelty things. Fansubbing is one of the few places where people are free to express themselves through their translations and typesetting at the expense of ruining the anime they sub. This is their tradition’s ultimate flaw.


How it's meant to be>shadow shad*

I’ve been using HorribleSubs/CR for my anime needs mainly because they’re fast. What’s interesting about them is they’re not fansubs, so aside from honorifics, their subs were just plain simple. That is a good thing because the simplicity lets you experience anime that is meant to be watched — watch anime subs with no fan-pandering, ego-stroking junk on screen. This is funny because fansubs had been translating for decades and they have yet to realize this mistake and CR took only a couple of years to figure it out.

[HorribleSubs] Love Live! S2 - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.45_[2015.07.12_23.47.32]CR’s Snow halation. The simplicity. The way it’s meant to be seen.

[a.f.k.]_Full_Moon_wo_Sagashite_-_52.avi_snapshot_07.07_[2015.07.11_01.44.54]One of the most emotional moments in the anime. Ruined by forcing karaoke into the scene. Let’s sing along while someone is slowly getting erased from existence! Don’t skip a beat~!

e-peen size competitionThe song and scene were so fucking bland, he thinks adding spinning text will make it better. What? That was not his intention? What else could it be? Oh…

The problem with fansubs is they claim they love the anime they subbed by carefully translating subtle lines to match the characters’ personality and stuff, add karaoke because 100% of the fans love to sing when someone just died on screen, etc., but they don’t really respect the anime they sub.

truth…what this guy said.

Subs should be as unimposing as possible. You let your viewers watch the anime you sub, not force them to watch something that were not intended by the anime.


[HorribleSubs] Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.42_[2014.02.01_18.21.58]2007-2013
>not watching superior subs by [XXXX Fansubs]

>no typesetting

>watching HorribleSubs

>uses stock fonts
>lrn2dafont faggit

>no honorifics
>localized shit

>watching maymaysubs

>karaoke shit

>[HorribleSubs] Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic – 04 [720p].mkv
>Get in here, faggots! It’s time!”

>[HorribleSubs] Punch Line – 12 [720p].mkv
>it was alright.

>not picking HorribleSubs for your anime needs

Of course not. Fansubs will continue to thrive for as long as there is a show, movie or OVA that are left untranslated. These groups are willing to spend their time, energy and money so they can provide you the best translations possible. Some do it to inflate their ego, some do it for the fun of it and some just wanna share their love of the anime to others. Large communities were made because of fansubs, but depending on the people who run these groups, you have to deal whatever bullshit they bring. “Don’t be entitled little shits and stop watching my subs using fucking VLC.”


[Lazy Lily] Aikatsu! the Movie [1080p][6B58C1ED].mkv_snapshot_01.01.17_[2015.06.24_02.03.38]‘cuff me, commish~!

I’ve talked shit to certain people and pointed out the flaws of fansubbing, so that makes me the Mat—Patriarch of Fansubbing? That I have every right to say this because of my 8 years of experience? Of course not. I am expressing my disappointment that these gr—I think I’m repeating myself again. I am not the best role model for any fansubber. I’m a hypocrite, I still make mistakes and I’m one of the most illogical person on the planet. In my 8 years as both consumer and provider, I’ve seen a lot of shit going on, so I wrote this to show you what me and my group went through.

Fansubbing will likely never change and we’ll see more of this crap for as long as we live. Me and Lazy Lily will try to set a better example by providing you the most exceptional translations using the best of our fucking abilities, not shit on the anime we sub and go through a different path by not following tradition. It may not happen right now, it may never probably happen, but once it does, we will try our best to become one of the best role models for the new generation of fansubbers for years to come.

Don’t let tradition drag you back. Don’t be like the current generation of fansubbers that are going backwards because they still cling to their flawed fansubbing ABCs. Don’t be like the fools who prioritize their egos first. Create your own path and be a proper role model.


Twitter DMThat, but…

CJZXEYaUAAEgfFx.png origI might be interested in doing this… if I have the scans.

Other than these, there is nothing much else to say, I suppose. I know I missed A LOT of things and I would love to mention or address them, but, I dunno, this post is already 7300+ words long.

I will continue to learn Japanese through doujinshi translation and anime translation, and at the current pace I’m going, it will take me many years to reach the same level as other experienced translators. We may expand further into manga translation or branch out to light novel translations, there are lots of possibilities. However, we are still anime fansubbers by heart and if there’s an anime in need of subs, we’ll swoop in and help. Actually there’s another anime other than Full Moon wo Sagashite that needs saving. Subbing more Aoi is fine by me.

Lazy Lily is entirely dependent on me and while I’m very thankful for the help I’m getting, there will be a time help will stop coming. Uichan, Vale, nx0, and everyone has to manage their own lives, and no one stays forever. They will still continue to be my friends and I will never forget for all their support and keeping up with my shit.

SHiN-gx Fansubs has translated around 38 entries, but completed only 23.

Lazy Lily has translated 6 entries, but currently completed only 2.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


I love Aoi very much.