Uh… Help!


I’m sure the chances for success is low and will be seen as desperate e-begging, but what is else to lose at this point?

So yeah, my almost 4 year old video card decided to commit sudoku yesterday, so without a graphics card with an HDMI connection, I can’t connect to the HDTV and do my usual thing (watch anime and video games). Right now I’m using this small CRT monitor to communicate with my fansubbing comrades and uh, do fansubbing stuff.

I’m writing this post because I need a bit of financial help here: I want to buy a replacement video card. No, I’m not asking for a GTX 970 or anything like that. Though it’d be nice to have one (for Christmas or for the day of my birth), I just want a cheap replacement so I can least use the HDTV. Something like this.

If you can help me, please donate any amount. This will definitely help me fix the problem and not negatively impact my already tight budget.

Bad timing, really. I just got the Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi+ BDs and while it’s possible to work on it, it’s very annoying to work in a very small screen real estate (1024×768).

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs