The Aikatsu!-only Event Loot are here!

DSC_0606_1080DSC_0608_1080DSC_0610_1080After weeks of solo planning, weeks of compiling, not receiving second opinions, after countless hours trying to read Japanese… We did it! We actually did it!

The event was very difficult for my comrade and it was, according to him, very mentally and physically draining. He waited in line, wrestled with the other visitors and missed out some of the good stuff. It’s unfortunate we missed out some of the stuff like the AoiRan doujin “Secret x Secret”, Hitoto’s KaeYuriRan doujin “Donkan de, wagamama na.”, but at the very least it’s still a great haul overall.

If you’re curious about the doujins, we got a lewd Ichigo x Aoi doujin, a lewd Mizuki x Ichigo doujin, a non-lewd Ichigo x Aoi doujin, a non-lewd Yurika x Ran doujin, a lewd Ran x Sora doujin, a non-lewd Aoi x Ichigo x Ran doujin, and a non-lewd Aoi x Aoi doujin… Heh. I should have added “Aoi x Aoi” in the OTP poll. Oh wait… I’ll do that!

Great job, comrades and great job to everyo—me.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily


If you noticed, that keychain is not Aoi. It’s Shion from PriPara. My comrade mistook her for Aoi, but it’s still alright since I’m also a big fan of Shion. Darn it, I need to catch up on PriPara.


Details regarding the scanning and translating of the doujins
A close-up look at the loot (well, some of them)