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[v2] Looking back @ Lazy Lily’s fansub history, and…

…sharing you my thoughts at how I saw fansubbing over the years.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - Special 3 [DVD][1024x576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi_snapshot_03.27_[2015.06.23_21.51.40]Behold! Our first fansub ever. And Setsuna a best. Download here.

[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – DVD Special 3 – Setsuna & Kuu [1024×576 XviD MP3][D1F5AD59].avi
First distributed on: 2007-07-14 06:41 UTC
First seen: datorrents and http://tokyotosho.info/details.php?id=81280

I was cleaning my room the other day and stumbled upon a stack of my old CD-R archives, and as I browsed through them, I saw a CD marked with “[SHiN-gx] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora DVD specials”. After watching them, I simply was shocked and said “Damn, this were our first fansub… in fucking 2007”. The nostalgia bombed so hard I’m making this post. Besides, I forever left /a/ so I had nothing else better than do other than play Dark Souls 2 for the umpteenth time (Dark Souls 3 is coming, so I’m gonna waste my time on that soon).

If you’re interested, please join me as I reminisce my 8 years as a fansubber, how I was lucky and managed to survive, and what I saw over the years. If you’re not interested, how about check our Library because we (sorta) added some stuff, or check out our recent fansub release, or something…

I may be missing some details or I forgot what actually happened, but here goes…

WARNING: Very long post.

Happy 8th Birthday Lazy Lily!!!

Happy_8th_LLIn case you didn’t know, Lazy Lily Fansubs (formerly SHiN-gx) is now 8 years old! Yay!

That also means it’s my 8th year as fansubber. Y-Yay…! ;_;

Man, a lot has, damn, goddamn, I’ve been through a lot. A damn lot…

Thank you very much to everyone who followed me, to everyone who supported me, and to everyone who carried me throughout these years.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fanubs

Re-post: Kuttsukiboshi


I’m not sure if Kuttsukiboshi can be labeled as an obscure anime or not. Whatever the case is, I think it’s time to bring this OVA up. Lazy Lily is getting a lot of site visits because of the Yuru Yuri OVA, so let me use this chance to give this two-episode OVA some exposure.


Kiiko is your normal girl, besides her secret of being able to move objects with her mind. When a new student named Aaya moves in, Kiiko starts to develop feelings toward her. The two will eventually then start their romantic relationship. Although everything seems fine, Kiiko does not know that Aaya has another secret, a secret that could ruin Kiiko’s feelings and trust for Aaya.

Kuttsukiboshi or Stars Intertwined is an anime written and animated by a freelance animator named Ishikawa Naoya, and is produced by Primastea (Isshoni Training, Isshoni Sleeping). The anime was produced with a low budget, so the art and animation quality is above okay by anime standards. In my opinion, this anime was very, uh, controversial(?) after the first episode came out in 2010. I won’t spoil it to you, but it pissed off a lot of people (mostly the yuri loyalists) and we had to wait for almost two years for its conclusion. The conclusion was… acceptable.

Did I like the anime? Yeah, I like it. The story isn’t spectacular, but it offers a lot of yuri moments. The art and animation is distracting at first, but you’ll get used it. With all that said, please give this OVA a try if you haven’t seen it. I guarantee it’ll be a unique experience. Also Ishikawa Naoya is still making Kuttsukiboshi art and stories, so if you’re interested please check out his works at pixiv.


[Torrent] — Kuttsukiboshi 1-2 (DVD)

[Mega] — Kuttsukiboshi episode 01 (DVD)
[Mega] — Kuttsukiboshi episode 02 (DVD)


Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA is OUT!!!
[Lewd] Tsubasa ni Jetto (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 05 is OUT!!!

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— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[SHiN-gx] Sasameki Koto Re-Up

Sasameki DVD batchWas bored a few days ago and decided to check out a random episode of Sasameki Koto and I ended up watching a few more episodes. I forgot how good the anime adaptation is. What is Sasameki Koto or Whispered Words is? Since I’m too lazy to write my own synopsis, here’s one from ANN.


Sumika Murasame and Ushio Kazama are two high school girls who are best friends. Sumika is secretly in love with Ushio, but her friend only likes cute girls, while Sumika is a tomboy.

Oh damn… We fansubbed this on 2009. That’s five years. And yes, you guessed it, it’s a yuri anime. Oh and don’t put it the wrong way because Sasameki Koto is a good example of a yuri anime done right. Everything is done so in a realistic and sweet way that you’ll forgive it for its lack of kawaii-desu nyaa faces and kiss-fest similar to Sakura Trick. And no, this adaptation is infinitely better than that godawful Strawberry Panic anime adaptation. Another thing to say is don’t be discouraged by the very slow pace and subdued OST. If you’re into realistic slice-of-life shows, I promise you’re gonna appreciate and love Sasameki Koto.

Bored? Give Sasameki Koto a try!


[SHiN-gx] Sasameki Koto [DVD]


[SHiN-gx] Sasameki Koto [DVD]


Sasameki Koto will get the Blu-ray treatment next year and we may consider making a BD batch torrent, but we need to know if our fansubbed version is worth it. Please bear in mind that the group is almost managed by one person.


See you in a few long years, world
Aikatsu! 3nd Season OP & ED CD is OUT!!!
Repost: Sono Hanabira OVA

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Remaster/Rework Previous Projects

Aoi-tanStill no releases, so you folks (the 50 or so people who browse this site) better get used to posts like these.

I wouldn’t say I’m fed up with fansubbing, but fansubbing is truly hard and demanding compared to the old days. With CrunchyRoll giving fansubbers a run for their mone—donat—*ahem* Right. On to the main bit. I watched some of our old stuff and while they’re acceptable as fansubs, I thought it’d be a good idea to rework them and give them that Lazy Lily Seal of Quality. Technically make them better.

I won’t make this long so I’ll only mention two shows we did.

Candy Boy was my pet project back at SHiN-gx and I want to change a few things like encoding the videos to 10-bit, reduce the potency of the filters, change the dialogue font, rework the typesetting, and check the scripts for inconsistencies.

Myself; Yourself was SHiN-gx’s first TV series to fansub and even though we put our genuine love to the show, the output of our subs was poor. Our translator was still learning Japanese, missing lines in episode 01, overly long sentences, and bizarre wordings like the /a/-infamous “Close the lights”. I would definitely love to work on this one. Pretty good OST, by the way.

Aside from Lazy Lily shifting focus on translating OVAs, anime movies, and finishing our old stuff, Lazy Lily may go back further into the past and revive our old love. It may take forever, it may not even work out like it should, but damn, I want these shows back with renewed vigor, and (call me delusional) make them the best fansubbed versions on the internet. And hey, if sarcasm permits, we may finally get a blue status at Nyaa without resorting to online fellatio!


On an unrelated note, we are going to acquire the Juuden-chan OVA. Problem is our translator doesn’t have Blu-ray drive.

Project Mangetsu

Kouyama MitsukiDo you still remember that bit I said SHiN-gx Fansubs is going to remaster Full Moon wo Sagashite? I mean, remaster ALL of it? If you did, well, yeah, that was a failure mainly because of uh… Uh… I got lazy. I’m making this post because we are still doing the darn thing.

What is Full Moon wo Sagashite?

12-year-old orphan Mitsuki Kouyama is a talented singer who dreams of becoming a singer, but she is afflicted with sarcoma, which is curable only through a surgery that could ruin her vocal cords, and destroy her ability to sing. The tumor in her throat already affects her ability to breathe well and sing loudly. Her grandmother also hates music and is completely opposed to Mitsuki’s wish to audition. Mitsuki’s dreams seem impossible to achieve, until one day she is visited by two shinigami, whom only she could see. The shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, inadvertently tip Mitsuki off that she has only one year left to live.

I really love this show. Heck, it’s one of my all-time favorite shows. Sure, the first half is generic, the VA for Mitsuki is a newbie and the songs got a little repetitive, but once you get past those and got to know more of the characters, the second half is a damn good roller coaster ride. It’s very emotionally packed for a kids’ show and I never cried in a kids’ show since The Story of Perrine. Yes, I am that old. The music is very, very good as well. MYCO, your songs are… are.. Don’t make me listen to this song again. The memories… The tears… ;_;

Current Situation

We have the first few episodes and we have to encode them into the recent 10-bit format. My biggest problem right now is handling the DVD sources. You see, the quality of the files I have are horrible. There are like a ton of broken/bad frames and fixing them is pretty annoying. They are doable, but there are some scenes that are impossible to fix because they have no duplicate good frames for me to use. Below screen shot is an example of a bad frame with no good duplicate.

Full Moon wo Sagashite - 01
I’m not sure if the ISOs I got were badly ripped or the original source is poor in quality, so if you happen to have a copy of the DVDs, please let me know. If the ISOs were badly made, then we either look for a different source or purchase the DVD boxset ourselves. You can help lighten the burden by donating.

Reviving Full Moon

We will begi—resume this April after Sakura Trick. I want to restrict the project to 2-4 people because having more people complicates things. So far I haven’t talked to our Typesetter Calyrica if she’s interested in typesetting Full Moon and I haven’t really talked to our editor nx0 if he’s interested. I might put a recruitment add if I’m having trouble finding help.

I guess that’s about it. If you got any questions, please feel free to write in the comment section.


Repost: Full Moon DVD Remaster is Alive and Well

Full Moon 01 DVDProject Mangetsu (Yes, I made this up just now) is still alive and well. I refuse to let go of this project and we will finish this no matter what it takes. I will detail everything in the next post (ETA 12-ish hours). For now, please watch our version of episode 01 from one of my all-time favorite shows. Yes, this is better than Aikatsu! and any other idol show. Why? Because I said so!


Full Moon wo Sagashite 01 DVD

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Improving Site Activity

Aoi MeditatesI’m thinking of adding some new stuff to Lazy Lily and increase website activity by posting some anime-related stuff. In the next few days you will see me, SHiN, post articles called Re-Post and Recommend. This idea was originally intended for my personal blog, but… What the heck. I think they’re better off here. I-I am not advertising my blog or anything!

Re-Post are weekly/monthly articles featuring me reintroducing our old releases back in the SHiN-gx days. It’s a fairly straightforward article and this will give new viewers a chance to see our old work and see new anime they most likely didn’t notice.

Recommend is simply me sharing my favorite shows, OVAs and anime movies to everyone. Every week or every month, I will introduce one anime show I truly love, probably make a short review of them and, yeah, share them to you.

I will try to avoid posting non-anime stuff and I will try to write two articles every week.

— SHiN

Repost: Sono Hanabira OVA

Sono hana 2014This is one of our old projects and arguably one of our most successful fansub releases. I am bringing this old release up because, well, this was released in 2011, and I’m very sure there are some people were not aware the OVA existed. To those who just found out, well, you’re in luck!

Lazy Lily Fansubs, formerly SHiN-gx Fansubs, is once again proud to give you our fansub version of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA!

Give this OVA a shot! I’m sure you’ll love it.


Uh… Think of this OVA as Sakura Trick — Hardcore Edition. You’ll see kisses of all kinds. Kiss on the forehead, kiss on the lips, kiss on the body, kiss on their—*ahem* Interested? Of course you are.


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA [10x subs]

Thank you for dow—What’s that? “10x subs”, you say? Yeah. This release has 10 subtitle tracks. Yeah, really. Ten (10) subtitles. Curious? Click on the spoiler below:

[spoiler title=”10 subtitle tracks”]Sono Hana OVA - multi-sub[/spoiler]

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