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Aikatsu! OVA – Nerawareta Mahou no Aikatsu! Card is OUT!!!

To celebrate our 10 years as fansubbers, music rippers, scanlators, and the like, we present you Lazy Lily Fansubs, uh, fansub version of Aikatsu! OVA – The Search for the Magic Aikatsu! Card!

Yeah, I know, the movie came out a hundred thousand years ago, but at the time, we were understaffed (as usual). Eventually we got some help and subbed the OVA and, yes, we also subbed the movie. The movie is still not complete, so we’re gonna share the OVA first.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo OVA BD Edition is OUT!!!

I’ve watched this more than 30 times in the past week, and I think I’m gonna contract type 2 diabetes. I love this OVA and all, but the choir music during the final sex scene was way over the top and cringe-y.


The Blu-ray version of the Sono Hanabira OVA came out just recently and since, well, we subbed the DVD version before, we might as well update to Blu-ray. I’m sure a lot of you were young when this came out or haven’t heard of this, so here you go!

Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! Batch Torrent is OUT!!!

Kyouko Exclaims

Whoops! We’re very sorry to everyone who were waiting for the BD versions. I may sound like a broken record right now, but there were a lot of things bogging us down and, uh, yeah, we never got any substantial help. We’re still literal whos, etc.

I don’t really mind the low daily visits and overall, uh, unknown-ness… because we love what we do and we know there are people out there who loves our stuff. My only concern is few people visiting the site means fewer or next to zero potential supporters (seeders, TS’er’s, TL’s, and Donors) coming in. Oh well, we’ll get lucky… eventually.

Anyways, my PC got fixed a month ago, so that helped me work on the encodes more comfortably. Thank you for the big help, guys! Here are the batch torrent for Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA and the two Nachuyachumi!+ Episodes. We also included the no credits versions of the Opening and Ending themes, just in case you want to watch them free of text (you need to turn off the subs first though).

Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi+ script (Unedited, NOT final)

hmTired of waiting for the Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi+ subs? You have the raw, but no subs? Lazy Lily to the rescue! Again!


[Direct] [Lazy Lily] Yuru Yuri OVA 2 [WIP][Unedited, no TS, no TLC, no QC].zip

Translation credits goes to AkazaAkane from Bakkin Translations http://bakkinbakkingamu.com/


Subs are NOT FINAL and will contain errors, no typesetting, no OP and ED translation and probably missing lines. This version is intended for people who are eager to watch the OVA with English subs. Script is compatible with Ohys-Raw’s raw. If you’re using a different raw, I cannot guarantee the subs will sync. Have fun, folks!

Also new poll: Who is the best Yuru Yuri girl? Choices are restricted to the members of the Amusement Club and Student Council. Vote now!


Aikatsu!-only Event 8 and Solicitation (Seriously, help! ;_; )
Looking for Aikatsu! Manga Scans
[Lewd] Rainy Day & Chocolatier (Aikatsu!) are OUT!!!

Got any questions? Suggestions? Clarifications? Please leave a comment below.

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Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi+ is… COMING!!!

1426498905942For her.

Instead of bumping the other post, I’ll just make a new one. Just letting you know that Lazy Lily and Bakkin Translations are really working together for the OVAs and S3, and to make this post less repetitive, we got the air date for Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi +1 OVA! The OVA will air on August 20, 2015 on TV Tokyo. Mark your calendar, folks! Source: http://yuruyuri.com/blog/archives/3073

Now since this is a TV broadcast, we’re gonna need a .ts provider for this. I will try to get in contact with our former .ts provider for Hanayamata and see if he’s still around. If not, well, I hope you like Ohys-Raws! But seriously, if you know a .ts provider or you are one, please give Lazy Lily and Bakkin Translations the opportunity to use your transport stream files for the OVA. Oh yeah, if you’re impatient, we’re gonna release a WIP version. That all right with you, folks?

Regarding Season 3, the chance for us to work on the BD versions is very, very high. I’ve talked to Akane from Bakkin and they said it’s fine to wait for the BDs, but if there are no competent groups working on S3, then we’ll consider working on the TV rip version. In all honesty, the chance for us in doing that is very low because if CR/HorribleSubs picks up YrYr S3, I’m sure FFF and/or probably some new group are gonna release their own version of S3. I really can’t stress this enough, Lazy Lily is shying away from fansubbing TV shows because it’s already crowded and we can’t compete in terms of pace and speed. *psst*LL is only two people.*psst*

Let me ask you: Would you prefer watching our version by waiting a few days later or would you prefer going with the faster groups and watch the show ASAP?

As usual, please leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Update (03/16/15): OVAs, Movies, Manga/Doujinshi, etc.


This post will detail (almost) our future projects and address some few issues.


As you noticed, we added and removed some pages and I hope these changes will make Lazy Lily less messy. We renamed DDL to Library and it will contain download links to our past and current projects. Simply click on the thumbnails and it will take you to the appropriate MEGA links. The Library is still not complete and some thumbnails are not click-able, so please bear with us for a while.

We also added an oddly-named page called Before we commit sudoku… and it is a pretty straight-forward page once you check it out. Lazy Lily is heavily dependent on the group founder SHiN and unless there is someone crazy enough to be my successor, Lazy Lily will cease to exist in the far future. Before that happens, we, or rather, I, SHiN, made a checklist on things we need to do. Once we have accomplished those, I will die happy, and Lazy Lily will pass away knowing that she contributed something to the community. Lazy Lily is seven years old! It is time to think of her future and give a lasting impression! Did that make sense at all?

We will be adding possible two new pages soon and one of them will be dedicated to doujinshi translations, art books, and the like.


Yuru Yuri OVA is still missing DDL links and the reason for that is we are currently patching the 1080p and 720p versions. The 1080p version is missing the font for the intro scene, there is a small typesetting clipping issue, there are some minor typos that need fixing and the script suffers from two types of apostrophes. Once we fixed these issues, we will upload the updated subs for DDL. Current owners of the first versions will get an optional patch file for them to use and avoid re-downloading the same video files. We are pretty busy at the moment and we hope we will provide the fixes soon.

I will say this again — Lazy Lily is currently shifting its focus on OVAs, ONAs, and movies. We are very slow and we cannot compete with CR, so we thought this is a good idea. Our current problem is we have to find a catalog of anime movies and check out which one that are easy to acquire and were ignored by fansub groups.


Nothing new on this department other than we are still looking for additional cleaners, typesetters and a translator for the Sakura Trick manga. Lazy Lily will still continue translating the Aikatsu! doujins and we will acquire more in the future. We aim to be the number one group for Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi translations.


Lazy Lily is doing this for free, but there will be a time that we may need some support. We have a proxy or a buyfag in Japan and he will be going to an Aikatsu!-only event this August to acquire the Double Bind Trilogy (see Double Bind Dream here), additional yuri doujinshi and art books. We’re currently trying to raise at least 250 USD and part of it will go to his hazard pay and travel expenses. We can afford the money, but it would be nice people chip in and lessen the burden.


I guess that is it. If you have any questions, concerns or anything, please leave a comment below. I will try to reply to you as soon as I can. This is going to be a busy year and I hope this very small and unknown group will pull through.

Our current list of projects for 2015:

— Haiyore! Nyaruko-san OVA 3
— Aikatsu! Movie
— Full Moon wo Sagashite
— Yuru Yuri S3
— Every Aikatsu! doujinshi we currently posses (list soon)

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily

Re-post: Kuttsukiboshi


I’m not sure if Kuttsukiboshi can be labeled as an obscure anime or not. Whatever the case is, I think it’s time to bring this OVA up. Lazy Lily is getting a lot of site visits because of the Yuru Yuri OVA, so let me use this chance to give this two-episode OVA some exposure.


Kiiko is your normal girl, besides her secret of being able to move objects with her mind. When a new student named Aaya moves in, Kiiko starts to develop feelings toward her. The two will eventually then start their romantic relationship. Although everything seems fine, Kiiko does not know that Aaya has another secret, a secret that could ruin Kiiko’s feelings and trust for Aaya.

Kuttsukiboshi or Stars Intertwined is an anime written and animated by a freelance animator named Ishikawa Naoya, and is produced by Primastea (Isshoni Training, Isshoni Sleeping). The anime was produced with a low budget, so the art and animation quality is above okay by anime standards. In my opinion, this anime was very, uh, controversial(?) after the first episode came out in 2010. I won’t spoil it to you, but it pissed off a lot of people (mostly the yuri loyalists) and we had to wait for almost two years for its conclusion. The conclusion was… acceptable.

Did I like the anime? Yeah, I like it. The story isn’t spectacular, but it offers a lot of yuri moments. The art and animation is distracting at first, but you’ll get used it. With all that said, please give this OVA a try if you haven’t seen it. I guarantee it’ll be a unique experience. Also Ishikawa Naoya is still making Kuttsukiboshi art and stories, so if you’re interested please check out his works at pixiv.


[Torrent] — Kuttsukiboshi 1-2 (DVD)

[Mega] — Kuttsukiboshi episode 01 (DVD)
[Mega] — Kuttsukiboshi episode 02 (DVD)


Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA is OUT!!!
[Lewd] Tsubasa ni Jetto (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 05 is OUT!!!

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Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA is OUT!!!


The translation is finally complete and I’m proud to say that the Yuru Yuri OVA is no longer in Early Acce—wait. I think I worded that wrong…

Lazy Lily Fansubs and Bakkin Translations are proud to announce we finally completed the fan-translation for Yuru Yuri Nachuyamuchi! ! Bakkin Translations helped a ton, so please go visit their website, check out their manga translations, and give them a big thanks!

The OVA is an hour-long camping adventure starring the entire cast of the Amusement Club and the Student Council and it’s, by far, the best OVA that came out this year. If you’re not familiar with Yuru Yuri, it’s typically a show about cute girls doing cute (yuri) things, and you can pretty much watch this OVA if you didn’t watch seasons 1-2. Actually you can consider this as a huge teaser for the TV series. If you love this OVA, I’m very sure you’re going to love the manga and TV series. I guess I’ll keep quiet now! Enjoy the OVA, folks!


[Torrent] — Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA (1080p)
[Torrent] — Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA (720p)

[Mega] — Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA (1080p)
[Mega] — Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA (720p)

[Mediafire] — Font fix for the intro scene (1080p version only)

See: Batch Torrent Blu-ray Edition


Translation — AkazaAkane & Uichan
Puns — Sugiura Ayano
Typesetting — Govna
Blu-ray — Johnny
Misc. — SHiN

TRANSLATOR NOTES: (read these AFTER you’ve seen the OVA!)

00:30:09.12 — Karuta is a Japanese card game and the basic idea is to be able to quickly determine which card out of an array of cards is required and then to grab the card before it is grabbed by an opponent. There are various types of cards which can be used to play karuta.

00:31:58.69 — This (or some variation) is a child’s word for see-saw in Japan. However, every locale seems to say it in a slightly different way. Here’s a small survey chart.

00:35:29.75 — If you slur the word “karai” (spicy) you get “karee” which happens to be how the Japanese pronounce curry.

00:39:58.82 — Mentaiko is spiced roe. Popular in Japan.

Every vehicle license plate you see — The woman who makes the Yuru Yuri manga goes by the pen name namori. The school that the YrYr girls go to is called 七森中 (Nanamori Middle School). It’s a joke based on her pen name. But in this OVA there are cars with license plates from such fictional places as 五森 and 八森.

Ayano Puns — For a more detailed explanation on Ayano’s puns, please read Bakkin’s YrYr OVA thoughts.


[Lewd] Tsubasa ni Jetto (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 05 is OUT!!!
Aikatsu! 2nd Season Best Album SHINING STAR* is OUT!!!

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Yuru Yuri OVA script (Unedited, NOT final)

No carpets for you2

Tired of waiting for Yuru Yuri subs? You have the raw, but no subs? Lazy Lily to the rescue!


[Mega] — Yuru Yuri OVA [UNEDITED WIP VERSION].ass

See: Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA is OUT!!!


This script is not final and has a few untranslated lines (especially Ayano’s puns) and the script is wonky. Overall it’s fully watchable, but if you want the final version, please wait for a few days.

I included two fonts if you want to see some stylized looked for the subs and the script is compatible with any raw.

Have fun, folks!


[Not Lewd] Double Bind Dream (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
Aikatsu! 2nd Season Best Album SHINING STAR* is OUT!!!
Looking for the Aikatsu! doujin “Double Bind”

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Ayano scratching her forehead

Ayano scratching her forehead