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Aikatsu! Secret Story Chapter 01 is OUT!!!


So we translated the anime movie, shared the music in FLAC, translated doujinshi and the next logical step for Lazy Lily to pick up the official manga! And out of the many manga volumes out there, we picked up the most important one: Ichigo’s adventures in America.

This took a while, but yeah. There’s a catch though. More on that later.

Inviting translators for our Aikatsu! doujinshi projects


Lazy Lily Fansubs is looking for translators for our Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi projects.

Again (I know).

To, well, make things interesting, we uploaded previews of every doujinshi we have on our computer.

[Mega] Aikatsu! Doujinshi Samples [Lazy Lily]

There are 18 sample doujinshi inside the folder, so please check them out. If you find any of them interesting and wish to translate them under Lazy Lily, please give me a holler, or send me an email.

We seriously need your help here because I really wish to double our monthly output.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[April Fools’] Aikatsu Stars! episode 01 is OUT!!!


The OG Aikatsu! finally ended and it did so very gloriously. Despite my sometimes harsh criticism about the anime, it left an impression on me and it’s probably the only anime I followed for this long. I mean, I watched Aikatsu! since 2012. However, it’s not yet over because Aikatsu Stars! is here to fill in the gap and hopefully this reboot or adaptation (or whatever you call it) will create new fans and renew the love of the old fans.

I can’t really say much about the first episode or otherwise I may end up spoiling it or worse, end up discouraging current fans from even watching it. All I can is, Aikatsu Stars! is what the series needed and let’s hope our new budding idol Nijino Yume is as lovable as the OG Aikatsu! main characters Ichigo and Akari. Oh and according to this magazine page, Aikatsu Star!’s Ran (same VA too) Kasumi Yozora loves cute things and more importantly she loves cute girls. This implication may lead to lezzy moments in the anime and… According to the VA info, Tadokoro Asuza’s (VA of Aoi) voice role is Nikaidou Yuzu… And as we see here, Yuzu is a cute type idol… Yozora likes cute girls… Oh god… Don’t you think this is RanAo 2 in the making?


Oh yeah, before we get to the download links, if you’re new to Lazy Lily Fansubs, please take this quick tour, so you’ll get an idea what fields we specialize in. Additionally, we’re looking for additional translators for our Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi and speed up our production. I added a link below containing previews of every doujinshi we have in our computer. There’s more, if you’re curious. So far we average 1 doujinshi per month and we would love to double that. If you haven’t read our doujinshi, please drop by our Library or go here for the list.

Now then, that’s enough talk… To the batm—to the download links!

#17. [Cute] Mermaid Dream (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


I saw this and thought the script was short and simple enough to translate it solo. And surprisingly I managed to read the entire thing with no problems. I guess I slightly leveled up.

#16. [Cute] Aikatsu! Rakugaki Hon (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!


This book is event-only by Yoban and thankfully we managed to get a copy in during one of our excursions. The book, as the title suggests, isn’t meaty with a story, but it’s a neat read with a rather lewd IchiAo short and scribbles featuring Hinaki and Juri (one of my OTP, by the way). There’s nothing much else to say other than enjoy reading this one.

Update, 2nd Aikatsu! Movie Translation Final Stance

CaSch68UsAAfaGz.jpg origBANG!

I was minding my own business on Twitter and saw a series of screenshots of Aoi from the 2nd AIkatsu! movie. I was like, “Hmmm… Picked up.”, called my trusty BD provider to secure me a copy and everything’s great. Nope, we’re not buying our own BDs this time (2poor). It’s funny how one character can motivate someone. But hold on, this is not what you think!


If we’re really motivated, we can actually fansub something real fast. We managed to fansub the first Aikatsu! movie in a week-ish, so yeah, we’re capable. However, we’re not gonna do it this time around mainly because half of the staff (one out of two in the fansubbing department) is studying hard and is preparing for graduation. So it wasn’t apathy after all… *ahem* As I mentioned before, Lazy Lily Fansubs is a “literal who” group and no one will bat an eye once we translated and released the movie in less than a week. Instead of dedicating our time doing something nobody wants (ie our fansubs), we’re gonna take this slowly and release the movie in a couple of months, or after Uichan graduates. Hopefully we can produce a better quality fansub this way.


We’re not dropping the OVA for now. I’m making some arrangements to at least have the OVA translated within this year. If you can’t wait for our version, you can always download this version. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, unless you want 2 more bits, or something. If you really wish to see our version, you gotta wait, bruv.


I guess that’s it. Got any questions, leave a comment below, follow me on Twitter if you like gouging your eyes out (don’t take that seriously), or, uh, I dunno, donate a few bucks because the 9th Aikatsu! event will be held on the 14th of February and we don’t have the money to buy. Y-You want to read more Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi, right? RIGHT?! ;_; Oh and the 70 bucks you guys donated went to these books.

Aoi a best, Aoi4Lyf, Ran OTP Master Race, and all that.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Happy Birthday, Aoi & #14. [Cute] Odayaka (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Odayaka_01_smallHappy Birthday, Aoi!!!

I think I already stated many times why Aoi is the best in the observable multiverses, so I’ll just jump to the release post… But really, Aoi is one of the people you can easily approach because she’s friendly, enthusiastic and smart. These traits, as seen by fans, as reasons why Aoi can be shipped with anyone. I totally disagree with some of the artists who ship Aoi with Seira and Kaede even, but I do understand why they’re doing it. It’s the same reason why I find Aoi’s interaction with Ran interesting.

Of course you can’t beat the great chemistry between Ichigo and Aoi, so it’s great to able to appreciate everyone supporting Aoi and it’s sometimes interesting to see Aoi getting paired with anyone. With that said, I do hope no one ships Aoi to Maria… Oh and you totally missed the Aoi x Sumire opportunity, Sunrise… or is it Bandai Namco now?

To the doujinshi!

Girl of the Year 2015


2015 was a great year for anime. Lots of interesting stories, impressive action sequences, great characters, and great girls. There were a lot of great girls in 2015, but only one takes the crown as Girl of the Year 2015.

After evaluating hundreds of lovely girls for the past year, our panel of judges have picked the best, the one that shone the brightest.

Lazy Lily Fansubs’s Girl of the Year crown goes to…

Aikatsu! Doujinshi Batch 01 is OUT!!!

Aikatsu_batch_01_teaserIs it normal for me to self-insert as Ran, right?

We released a lot of stuff since 2015 began, so I thought it’d be nice we put all of our stuff into one archive. And here it is, Lazy Lily Fansubs’s Aikatsu! Doujinshi Batch 01!

[Cute] Kiss Room (Aikatsu!) by eheh is OUT!!!

CTibMoaUcAAEvR_.jpg origNot in the translation, but it came from the same artist.

We recently finished Secret x Secret, but I due to various reasons… I am prohibited in sharing the book. But you can read the preview if you want!

Aoi jaw dropped

Since I can’t share it outside my tiny circle of friends (I’m not that pathetic..) and I want to show you guys some RanAo, I decided to translate this three page RanAo manga strip by eheh. The title “Kiss Room” is unofficial because the author never stated its title.

[Mega] Kiss Room (Ran x Aoi) by eheh

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs