Aikatsu! IdolsThe results are in!

Aikatsu! Season 2 ended a few hours ago and this is the right time to count the votes! To those who are unfamiliar with this show: Aikatsu! is an idol show based on the popular card game of the same name. The first season started airing on late 2012 and will continue to air until (at least) late 2015.

The story of Aikatsu! can be completely summarized into one simple sentence: “Aikatsu! is a show about cute idols doing cute idol-ey things.” I, SHiN, highly recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch a light-hearted idol show with great characters, great stories, great music, no melodrama and zero cute furry animal companions. Oh and there is no magic, just science.


Before we get to the winner, please be reminded that we made this poll on an anime we didn’t fansub/cover. The few people visiting Lazy Lily were not familiar of this anime, so in order to remedy this and get people interested in participating, we encouraged the viewers to vote based on the music videos of each idol. Secondly Lazy Lily is pretty small and after we left the SHiN-gx name, we’re sorta became unknown in the fansubbing community. Meaning we got few votes due to very few visitors, well uh, visiting our site.

Another thing to note is Lazy Lily Fansubs did not rig the votes. Some of us voted (forcibly) and we assure you every votes are added fairly using poll daddy’s system. Exploiting the system is ano—ANYWAYS…!

The best Aikatsu! idol, according to the voters, is…