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Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 4 – FUYU-COLLE is OUT!!!

A good start with doujins popping out more than once a month, Sakura Trick manga translation shows up almost weekly and now we’re still sharing music rips of Aikatsu!. Hm, it feels like we’re on a roll here! Good feeling!

#29. Idol wa Renshuu ga Inochi! (Aikatsu Stars!) is OUT!!!

So I looked high and low, left and right, in and out, and I’m fully confident we’re the very first to translate an Aikatsu Stars! doujin!

This book is very short, but it’s an amusing read involving Mahiru and Rola practicing… things…

Merry Christmas 2016!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 3 – AKI-COLLE is OUT!!!


Dreaming bird featuring Nanase is soooo good! Oh where was I? Oh right, dual release!

A very hectic week with so many things to do like ripping these CDs and working on Secret Story chapter 3. Damn, I’m not sure I can finish chapter 3 before December… Anyway!

Aikatsu Stars! the Movie – Vocal Single is OUT!!!


The first Aikatsu Stars! movie came out last Saturday (August 13th) and naturally, the movie single is the next to come out. And it did! And that means your lovable band of Aikatsu! nerds got you covered!

There’s nothing much to say about the movie because the BD isn’t out yet and no cam rips. While we wait to see Yume, Rola (especially Rola), Ako, Mahiru and Koharu (especially Koharu) in those delicious swimsuits in glorious 1080p next year, let’s quench our thirst with this short but nice movie single!

And the eventual fan art and doujinshi with them in swimsuits, of course!

Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 2 – NATSU-COLLE is OUT!!!


Before you confuse yourself, no, these collections aren’t similar to the mini-albums back in OG Aikatsu! that featured more than 4 songs. I was wrong I stated that in the Haru-Colle release post. Regardless though, it’s still an Aikatsu!-centric album with 3 more catchy songs!

And for the first time ever we’re gonna provide MP3 versions from now on because why not?

Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 1 – HARU-COLLE is OUT!!!


Oh hey, we’re doing Aikatsu Stars!, too!

Now I know the Aoi Ichigo release post was a bit, uh, different, so to make up for it, I’ll just include whatever info you need regarding Aoi Ichigo here. Fair enough?

I’m very jealous, by the way. ;_;

[April Fools’] Aikatsu Stars! episode 01 is OUT!!!


The OG Aikatsu! finally ended and it did so very gloriously. Despite my sometimes harsh criticism about the anime, it left an impression on me and it’s probably the only anime I followed for this long. I mean, I watched Aikatsu! since 2012. However, it’s not yet over because Aikatsu Stars! is here to fill in the gap and hopefully this reboot or adaptation (or whatever you call it) will create new fans and renew the love of the old fans.

I can’t really say much about the first episode or otherwise I may end up spoiling it or worse, end up discouraging current fans from even watching it. All I can is, Aikatsu Stars! is what the series needed and let’s hope our new budding idol Nijino Yume is as lovable as the OG Aikatsu! main characters Ichigo and Akari. Oh and according to this magazine page, Aikatsu Star!’s Ran (same VA too) Kasumi Yozora loves cute things and more importantly she loves cute girls. This implication may lead to lezzy moments in the anime and… According to the VA info, Tadokoro Asuza’s (VA of Aoi) voice role is Nikaidou Yuzu… And as we see here, Yuzu is a cute type idol… Yozora likes cute girls… Oh god… Don’t you think this is RanAo 2 in the making?


Oh yeah, before we get to the download links, if you’re new to Lazy Lily Fansubs, please take this quick tour, so you’ll get an idea what fields we specialize in. Additionally, we’re looking for additional translators for our Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi and speed up our production. I added a link below containing previews of every doujinshi we have in our computer. There’s more, if you’re curious. So far we average 1 doujinshi per month and we would love to double that. If you haven’t read our doujinshi, please drop by our Library or go here for the list.

Now then, that’s enough talk… To the batm—to the download links!

Aikatsu Stars! VA Info


Website is still being dead, so here’s some news you probably heard already.

Aikatsu Stars! new info appeared at a livestream, but you can watch the, I think, abridged version here. Skip to 09:40 if you want to skip to the anime preview and seiyuu info. The new main character is Nijino Yume and she is voiced by recent talent Tomita Miyu.

What’s interesting about this is the seiyuu for Soleil are back taking new roles as the four-girl idol group called S4 (Stars Four?) pictured above, sans one girl. It’s amusing to note that Ichigo and Aoi’s VA swapped roles, but Ran VA’s role as the sexy idol type hasn’t changed. Yozora even looks like Ran. It’d be intriguing to see how Moroshi Sumire handle the role of a mature cool-type character. Tadokoro Azusa can easily do the role of a cute type, but it will be amusing how Aoi sounds like if she had fluffy blonde hair.

Will I watch this series? Hell yeah, I will. That also means I have to start rationing my meals because I will buy any yuri doujinshi in the future.

Aikatsu Stars! is a new series that will start on April 7, 2016. This effectively cut off the length of Aikatsu! season 4.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs