Still seeking help regarding buying a new scanner

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We haven’t got any new donations, so I guess I’ll do this again.

The scanner we want to buy is a CanoScan LiDE 220, and it’s around 5,000 Php or 106 USD according to an online currency converter. We currently have 45 USD in our pocket and, well, basically please help us out here by donating. I, SHiN, shoulder most of the costs and it’d be nice to help me out.

Uses for the scanner? Better quality scans.

What stuff are we scanning? Aikatsu! doujinshi, manga, art books, and the Sakura Trick manga… once we buy a copy.

Yeah, we’re aware there are already scans for Sakura Trick volume 6, but the quality were not good (low res scans) and our cleaner needs better scans. Our current raw provider stopped, so we need to personally buy the next volumes and scan them ourselves.


— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs