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Doubt I’ll get any.

A lot of stuff happened this past couple of months and there are a few things I’d like to address, share some plans for future projects, and announce some potentially dropped projects due to lack of man power (you guessed it). If you’re following me for any of the following (Sakura Trick manga, Aikatsu-stuff, Full Moon wo Sagashite, etc.), then this is the post for you.


We’re committed to share at least one chapter per month, but unfortunately YQII, the translator was busy with an anime convention and was unable to submit the translations for June. He emailed me back and said he’ll work on the next chapter this weekend. So yeah, we’re sorry for the delay. Stuff happened.


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Short answer: No. Long answer: we released the batch torrents for the Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi series with script fixes, and released the Blu-ray version of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi, but they don’t really count as something new. What about the Aikatsu! Music Awards? I said we’re gonna do it, but stuff happened like Uichan, the head TL of Lazy Lily, left the group not too recently. I’ve been dependent on him for translating anime stuff and TLC’ing my doujinshi translations, so without him around, Lazy Lily’s anime department is dead on the water.

Our Doujinshi Department is faring well because I know now a bit of Japanese and I have some volunteer translators helping me out. It’s still a struggle though — they’re just volunteers, and not committed to help me every time.

Which sucks because I really want to fansub the Aikatsu! Movie Awards using my philosophy of proper fansubbing. More or less I understood the dialogue, but my biggest problem is translating those songs to sound like actual songs. And with Aikatsu! the Movie 2 coming, it sucks even more. Am I interested in fansubbing the Aikatsu Stars! movie? Sure I do because of Rola, but… Aoi is way better… So… resources-wise… I’d pick the movie with Aoi in it. Obviously…


I really want to sub the 2nd Aikatsu! movie. LOOK AT AOI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I’ll probably find a translator in the future, but I dunno. Finding a translator in this day and age is difficult, especially for a no-name group like Lazy Lily Fansubs. Maybe I should be more optimistic.


We don’t have the raw for the OVA, but there is someone who contacted me that he’ll give us the source files. Problem right now is he needs a BD drive to rip the files. Assuming everything goes well with his ripping, we still don’t have a translator for the OVA.


It’ll be my 9th year as fansubbing this July 14th, and the thought of completing Full Moon wo Sagashite is always on my mind. I planned to start working on Full Moon from scratch with Uichan leading the translation process and have 25 episodes ready or completed before July 14, 2017 to commemorate Lazy Lily Fansubs’s 10th year as fansubber. Looking at it now, I am forced to mothball the project. I simply refuse to re-edit a.f.k.’s translations because I want everything to be originally translated. With no translator… Yeah…

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I considered paying a translator to do the stuff I want many times. My wallet has some spare money and I do have donation money, so what’s stopping me? One of the main reason is the potential translator will just do it for the money and nothing more. Back at SHiN-gx Fansubs, I hired a translator to double-check a script of an anime episode we did. Forgot what anime it was and the result of his TLC was so half-assed. The script was technically correct, but the heart wasn’t there. The script ended up being revamped again and I had to pay the guy 30 bucks for a script I didn’t use.

After that, I’m reluctant to give money to translators who has no passion for fansubbing. I gave Uichan 100 USD for fansubbing the first Aikatsu! movie not because he was asking for payment, I did it because he deserved it. But considering he fansubbed anime under my leadership for many years, 100 USD is too low. I still owe him some money though.

Tough luck for me.



Event 10 is fast approaching and I already have a huge list of doujinshi to get. However, as I mentioned earlier, we will not be going to the event personally because my friend in Japan said he can’t go. We’re going to miss some rare stuff and trinkets, but all is not lost though. Some of these books will show up in used book stores online and we’ll keep an eye out for them. Though constantly checking the sites out is a pain in the ass.

I can’t list out everything I want here, so if you’re really that curious, go check out the Likes Tab of my Twitter account. There you’ll have an idea on what books I’m planning to get.

We got a generous amount of donations from our patrons, so we’ll have no trouble buying the books I want. However, the donations we got will not cover the delivery and shipping costs. We’re going to buy books from 4-5 stores so each one has their own delivery costs. Though a typical fee is around 500-550 yen, we’ll end up paying for more because not all artists are gonna publish their stuff at the same days as the others. Waiting is not an options because I really don’t want the books to sell out. Am I telling you to donate more? Yes. And I’d be lying if I say otherwise. So yes, please donate.



So what do you think of our latest translation release “Hey! little grrr!”? This doujinshi was translate by our new translator reizen and with him around, we’re hoping to share more books with you, and hopefully we’ll share books that were not posted in Sad Panda or anywhere else. Despite having a translator, we still need more help. I mean, I’m getting new books and having 1-2 translators aren’t enough.

Knowing this, I thought of something that may help convince people to help. How about I let potential translators pick the books they want to translate instead of me telling them what books to translate? I really need more help, especially handling with Anthology books with 100+ pages. Right now I’m restricted to short stories and translating longer ones is too difficult to do alone.


If you want to ask me something, please leave a comment below. Thinking all of these things on my own gives me limited options.

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