So few translated Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi…

RanAoI always wondered that. I mean, Aikatsu! is already in its 4th season and that also means Aikatsu! will be 4 years old. When I look at the translated yuri stuff, the amount is pretty piss-poor. Love Live! got a good amount of yuri doujinshi by multiple groups and the show barely reached 30 episodes. Maybe because Aikatsu! is kiddy in nature that didn’t appeal to the Western audience? Or Aikatsu! didn’t get enough marketing to attract Western viewers and Western fans capable of translation because it didn’t reach CrunchyRoll like Love Live! did? It’s sad, for scanlations at least, Aikatsu! is not getting the proper treatment.

Obviously I’m trying to remedy it by translating doujinshi and eventually the official manga to give fans an opportunity to read more Aikatsu! related material and fan fiction. And at the same time I’m hoping I will eventually end up encouraging other translation groups to notice that there are people eager to read Aikatsu! (yuri) doujinshi. So… good luck, me. Good luck, Lazy Lily.

To put it bluntly, I invested a lot of dosh for a stash of fan fiction and I don’t expect any ROI through donations (donations will end up getting saved for the next event anyways) or any huge financial payoff. I’m truly losing money, but I don’t care in the end. I’m having fun buying these books and of course I’m having fun translating them. I’m not in it for the fucking money.

B-But getting donations help though… Stops me for going on an instant noodles diet.

I’m currently doing Shinoasa’s Allegro Break (see top pic), if you’re wondering.



(I know the full title. I can’t be assed to type it.)

The event, as of this writing, is two days away and we’re almost ready. We didn’t reach our target of 150 USD, but I hope the money we have is enough to get the books we want. I already sent the money to Lazy Lily’s head TL Uichan and him and his friend will do their best in grabbing the best books we can.

Picture of loot this Sunday evening.

I hope the next post after the loot is either Sakura Trick-related or Aikatsu!-related.


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