Site news (09-07-15), and you guessed it…


It’s sorta pathetic when you notice all news posts are all about asking for donations and this post will be no different.

Now I understand that we do this for free and yada yada, but getting these books aren’t really free of charge. We have to buy them, obviously.

Ex—er, I mean, Sadpanda rarely or never puts out Aikatsu! scans that aren’t rape, so we go all the trouble buying these books and translate them for you when we can. We don’t have infinite money and we solely rely on donations and sometimes my own money to keep us moving. I have thought of a new way to encourage you guys to donate by giving an incentive so here goes… (I may get flak for this)

Digital Raws

Scans/raws we currently have.


If you donate more than 50 USD to Lazy Lily, you will have access to all untranslated scans for one year. Given our pace at releasing translations, all donors who donated 50 USD will receive an estimate of 10-12 scanned doujinshi for one year.


—Untranslated scans will be given directly to donors who sent 50 USD for one year.
—Donors will have to donate another 50 USD if they wish to receive additional scans for next year.
—Lazy will only give the scans of books after we translated them.
—Lazy Lily will not send scans of books we haven’t translated yet.
—Donors do not have the power to pick what doujinshi to translate next.

aoi_pinchI’m thinking of translating one of Shinoasa’s current 5 books.

Unfortunately we can’t offer a “lifetime membership” because we need that steady stream of funds, so that we can continue to afford and translate more doujinshi in the future. Aikatsu! Season 4 is just around the corner, you know.

I’m not sure this move can be considered “jewish” or not, but I believe giving doujinshi collectors an incentive is the only way to get monetary support. If you got any questions, clarifications or concerns, please leave a comment below or email me at this address.

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily