[April Fools’] SHOW BY ROCK!! Episode 01 is OUT!!!


See: Happy April Fools’ Day 2015!!!

Let’s start off the new month by presenting you this season’s, well, Anime of the Season SHOW BY ROCK!!

This is BONES’s jab at KyoAni’s K-ON! series and the best part is, they obviously won because SHOW BY ROCK!! has actual music with addition to dancing! You’ll know this show is great just by looking at the first one minute and I’m very sure you’re gonna love the animation detail. You’ll end up like Gene Kelly and go singin’ in the rain.

Also this is an obvious attempt at BONES’s to cash in the idol anime craze and after watching episode 01, it’s safe to say this show is a welcome addition to the idol anime family. Are you waiting for PriPara S2 to start? Waiting for something good to happen in Aikatsu! S3 like Miyabi’s return, Yuu is now part of the main cast, or wait until the new girls are proven to be better (they are) than Sumire? Or waiting for Ayayayayayaya S2 (not an idol show, but whatevs) to start? SHOW BY ROCK!! will get you distracted for a while!

And yes, this show has yuri goodness.


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[Torrent] — SHOW BY ROCK!! – 01
[Mega] — SHOW BY ROCK!! – 01


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