Sakura Trick Volume 6 – Chapter 07 is OUT!!!

Another month, another Sakura Trick chapter by yours truly! And hey, we’re 3 chapters left until we’re done with volume 6. Judging by our pace, we may finish volume 6 by the end of the year… And that also means, assuming we continue providing 1 chapter per month, we may finish volume 8 in 2019! Haha! Ha… ha…

We only managed to continue putting out translations all thanks to the folks at 8/u/ Scanlations, who are kind enough to lend us their translator. But, it’d be nice to have a translator working for Lazy Lily Fansubs, though.

The third years are going to graduate soon, so their favorite school president SumiSumi will pass the responsibility to the incoming president Kaede. And with that important day drawing near, what are the second years planning for their seniors?


[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 6, chapter 7


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