Sakura Trick Volume 6 – Chapter 06 is OUT!!!

Lazy Lily Fansubs will never abandon Sakura Trick! I mean, you guys were nice enough to send us copies of the manga and placed your confidence in our capability to provide translations, so it’d be a damn shame and disrespectful if we jumped ship. And Sakura Trick is almost ending, goddammit! We’re going to finish this. No matter the cost… Literally speaking. Now then… Yay for a new ST chapter!

Volume 6, chapter 6 has shifted its focus on Mitsuki’s best friend Rina. This clumsy girl is working hard on her studies and she’s enjoying her time with Mitsuki when they’re not busy. Chapter 6 tells one of these events where Rina noticed Mitsuki is acting very strangely. Rina investigates and what she found the reason behind Mitsuki’s behavior was a shocker.

Very huge thanks to 8/u/ Scanlations for helping us with the translation of this chapter. The group is always hard at work translating manga and I thank them for finding the time to help Lazy Lily Fansubs translate a Sakura Trick chapter. But sadly, this may be a one time affair and if ever 8/u/ Scanlations help us again, we’ll work on an Aikatsu! douijn next.

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[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 6, chapter 6


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