Sakura Trick Volume 6 – Chapter 04 is OUT!!!

Pajama party but with blankets… Blanket party?

Let’s start March with some Sakura Trick! Quite honestly, we like this pace to keep discussions moving, but honestly, the only topics people want to talk about is when will Kaede confess her feelings to our resident tomboy Yuzu. It’s true. :V

Regardless, it’s understandable because these two are the only girls who (or at least) hasn’t given in to the gay yet. Anyway, volume 6, chapter 4 (chapter 48) is focused on SumiSumi and we’ll probably see more of her in the following chapters.

Have fun reading, everyone!


[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 6, chapter 4


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Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song 4 – FUYU-COLLE is OUT!!!
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