Sakura Trick Volume 6 – Chapter 01 is OUT!!!

Oh hey! You know what are the benefits of owning your own scans? Freedom and quality control, baby!

…some people won’t notice the quality though because they read their Sakura Trick from third party manga readers using downscaled and ugly-looking scans. It hurts my heart (and Aoi’s) to see our hard work getting maimed by these readers. And they don’t even link the scanlator’s website.

Oh well.

What did Yuzu mean by this?

Moving forward! As you have probably guessed, this volume will cover a lot of Sumi-related chapters and it’ll be interesting to see how will Sumi move on. Will she still cling on to Haruka as her onee-chan, or has she matured a bit and grown a mustache? All of that will be answered in this volume, so let’s get right t—but wait!

Yeah, I know I sound like a bad record, but we need your help in raising money to buy more Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi that are coming out in February 12. So, yeah, please help. Pls. Help. Pls… ;_;


[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 6, chapter 1


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