Sakura Trick Volume 5 – Extra Chapter is OUT!!!

You’re somehow in an alternate universe where Lazy Lily Fansubs released another ST chapter one week after the last one.

In case you didn’t know, the scans we used were taken from multiple sources, so the quality isn’t as refined as you would expect from Lazy Lily. But hey, soon that’ll be over because we’ll be using our own copies for volume 6, volume 7, and onward. And of course, it’s all thanks to you wonderful guys. :3

So what are we looking at here? This is the extra chapter for volume 5 and we’re officially finished translating the entire volume. It’s not as lengthy as volume 4’s extra chapter, but this extra chapter for volume 5 makes up for it by going full color. Now as I said previously our scans came from multiple sources so the quality varies.



[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 5, extra chapter

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