Sakura Trick Volume 5 – Chapter 07 is OUT!!!


Before anything else (and I know this is very late), go to YQII’s Sakura Trick Volume 5, Chapter 6 release post for the TL Notes. I forgot to add them here. ;_;

Anyways, yay, we didn’t drop the manga, so please stop asking already!

We promised that we’re going to provide Sakura Trick chapters every month, but it’s hard to keep that promise because we’re very busy people and we gotta prioritize our personal stuff. Yeah, it’s one of the most cliched excuses in the world, but it’s very true here. For instance: YQII, the translator is busy with work and other activities, so he wasn’t able to translate the chapter last month. And I’m busy with saving Aoi pictures from Twitter, cataloging Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi, and fantasize everyday by self-inserting myself as Ran in RanAo sto—ANYWAY, yeah, life is hard, etc., etc. You get my point!!

Unless we missed something in the older volumes we didn’t translate because they were covered in the anime, this is perhaps the first chapter that’s ever dedicated to Rina. With some AWWWW’s and D’AWWWW’s, Sakura Trick volume 5, chapter 7 is one cute chapter!


[Torrent] — Sakura Trick volume 5, chapter 7 (do we really need to torrent these small chapters?)

[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 5, chapter 7


#23. [Lewd] Aikatsu Friends Beat Punk (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
#22. [Cute] Take your time! (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!
#21. [Cute] Hey! little grrr! (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

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