Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Extra Chapter is OUT!!!

ST_35_teaserHow to tease KaeYuzu fans 101

Seriously, Tachi-sensei, throw the KaeYuzu fans (me included) a bigger bone! Seeing HaruYuu and KotoShizu are nice, give KaeYuzu more story! *ahem*

Oh hey, we’re back with another Sakura Trick chapter to share! Not only this is an extra chapter that is not in the usual 4koma format, this is also the final chapter in volume 4. What that means is this is the first time Lazy Lily actually completed a volume/book! Yay! If you were not aware, we skipped a lot of chapters because they were covered by the anime. So instead of translating the same chapter (we fansubbed the anime), we skipped ahead and translated the chapters after the anime.

Anyway, another Valentine’s story?! I mean, why not? You want us to release this chapter next year? But yeah, it’s a Valentine’s chapter and, uh, you know, lots of kissing and stuff. It’s a fun chapter over all. More KaeYuzu? That’s for you to find out… Oh and a bit of a head’s up: The extra chapter contains an alternate ending. Why did this chapter had an alternate ending? Apparently Tachi-sensei made a shorter version of the extra chapter for the Kirara Miracle magazine and the complete one is featured in the actual Sakura Trick book. Since it’s a waste to discard the pages, we decided to include them here.

And yes, I talk too much.


[Torrent] — Sakura Trick volume 4, extra chapter

[Mega] — Sakura Trick volume 4, extra chapter


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