Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 05 is OUT!!!

ST_33_teaser“The road of denial leads to the precipice of destruction” …or something like that.

Pulling out random quotes aside, Yuru Yu—Sakura Trick chapter 33 has finally arrived!

Remember what we said about releasing chapters in a timely manner? Yeah… We’re currently looking for a translator willing to help share the load and we really, really, REALLY need your help. We can get by with one translator, but it’d be nice to have multiple translators helping out and speed things up a bit. One chapter per 1-2 months isn’t really a good pace and I’m sure you agree with me here. Drop us an email!

Are you a fan of Mitsuki and Rina? This is a chapter definitely made for you!

Have fun, folks!


[Torrent] — Sakura Trick volume 4, chapter 5

[Mediafire] — Sakura Trick volume 4, chapter 5


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Yuru Yuri OVA script (Unedited, NOT final)

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