Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 03 is OUT!!!


That’s the best I can do at the moment. Studying Japanese with no one to check my errors is troublesome… Okay, I’ll shut up now, Yuu. ;_;


Here you go, folks! Thanks for waiting for, like, two months!

Sad truth aside, this chapter was sitting around and it’d be a waste to put this on mothballs. Are you less interested in the two main characters, want a change of pace, and a fan of the SumiSumi? You’re in luck! Oh and before we get to the nitty-gritty stuff, here is chapter 03 of volume 04. Or, ugh, chapter 31, if you care about continuity that much.

Have fun!


Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 03


Sakura Trick Volume 4 – Chapter 03


Page 09. Haruka mentions the phrase “The moon is beautiful tonight” and how it can also mean “I love you.” This is a reference to the writer Natsume Soseki and the word/concept of “Love” didn’t exist in early Japan. For further reading and clarification, please refer to this link.

Page 10. Simply put it: Sakura + Spring = Haruka (春香)


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