Sakura Trick Volume 3 – Chapter 11 is OUT!!!

ST_28_teaserNo, we’re still going to use the same chapter numbering format.

No, we didn’t drop the previous volumes. You’ll see them translated in the future.

No, say your goodbyes to your honorifics.

No, Yuzu is a closet lezzie.

Yes, you can read the latest release from Lazy Lily.

This is the last chapter of volume three and the last page is a good indication that Sakura Trick was so ignored by scanlators. We will probably stop using raws from and use our own scans for volume 4. We grabbed a physical copy, so yeah, we better use it. Oh and see this? That’s you after reading this chapter.

Have fun!


Sakura Trick Volume 3 – Chapter 11


Sakura Trick Volume 3 – Chapter 11

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