Sakura Trick manga volumes 4-5 batches are OUT!!!

Time to sort out our stuff… for once!

Before you go WAT on me, yes, volumes 1-3 are missing because they are incompletely translated and we skipped a volume because it was already adapted in the anime. Volumes 4-5 are the only volumes (as of now) we completely translated and added them in these neat little batches. If you wish to read the rest chapters and watch the anime, please head on over to our Library.

Our decision to skip chapters got mixed opinions ranging from meh to mostly negative, but I personally believe Lazy Lily Fansubs did the right choice and resumed translating right after the anime has ended. Had we picked up the previous volumes, we’d still be at volume 4. Glad this scenario didn’t happen, huh?

If you’re new to the series, please watch the anime adaptation before reading the manga (volume 3, chapter 9 to be exact). The anime is very faithful to the manga, so you will not miss anything. Rest assured we’re committed to complete Sakura Trick. It may take years, best we promise you Lazy Lily will complete Sakura Trick from volume 01 to volume 08. Oh, haven’t I told you Sakura Trick will end at volume 08?

And maybe consider helping us translate the rest? The more people we have, the faster we get things done.



[Torrent] — Sakura Trick Volume 04
[Torrent] — Sakura Trick Volume 05

[Mega] — Sakura Trick Volume 04
[Mega] — Sakura Trick Volume 05


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