Sakura Trick Manga Translation



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While we wait for the anime, how about we go and enjoy the manga first? As of today, Lazy Lily Fansubs will translate the Sakura Trick manga! We’ll start at Volume 1, Chapter 3. The reason for this is Yuri Project has already translated chapters 00-02. We’ll start where they left off. This is not a collaboration with Yuri Project, in case you’re wondering. We will translate the manga simply because we want to understand the series and easily transition ourselves to the anime adaptation.

Wait, what’s that? Where is chapter 3, you say? The chapter is not yet done, silly! We’re still working on it! For now we’re showing you the first page and at least see what we’re capable of. Chapter 3 will be released by the end of October (hopefully!), so b-bookmark this site and periodically check for any other updates.

I-It’s not like we’re doing this because we want to get people visiting our site often or anything like that! Baka…!

— Lazy Lily Fansubs