Sakura Trick manga translation: Self-sufficiency


(Me pretending to be cool and hip with this shot)

Oh hey, we finally got volume 7! And it’s all thanks to you, generous donor! ;_;7

Our raw provider stopped distributing scans of Sakura Trick manga for a while now, so we decided to buy our own copy and have direct control over the scan quality! I mean, we got a scanner all thanks to you guys.

We’re planning to be self-sufficient in the near future, so consider this our first step in reaching that goal.

Where is volume 6, you say?

We’re still planning on getting a copy as early as possible.

Where is the next translated chapter, you say?

Short answer: work in progress.

Long answer: The TL in charge YQII is currently busy and with no other translator to serve as an emergency back up, we’re going to follow his pace. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that he’s stopping. If that happens, we might going to divide our resources by reducing our Aikatsu! doujinshi translation output. Not sure I’m okay with that, to be honest.

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If you want to see more pictures of the jacket:

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