Sakura Trick Manga Status

Aoi Hehs>Lazy Lily
>Don’t download their subs. Avoid at all cost.

>Lazy Lily
>Releases new Sakura Trick chapter
>Yay it’s out! <3

*ahem* That’s what I usually get, anyway. I rarely visit ST threads in /a/. *ahem*

Just in case you missed that little conversation in the previous posts, we’re going to release the entire volume one for completion sake. Right now LL’s manga translation division is working on chapter 7. At this pace, I think it’s safe to assume chapters 8-9 will be finished by the end of February. We will continue to translate the manga for as long as we have access to the scanned chapters, and uh, the viewers showing support. So yeah, the Sakura Trick fever will not stop after the anime is over.

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