Sakura Trick Manga and Anime Status

Aoi_considersI’m making this post as an excuse to post Aoi. The post below is just padding. There.

I hope you find our release favorable, folks. Admittedly we are a bit rusty because it’s been a while since we fansubbed a TV series. The last time we fansubbed a TV series was, I think, Yuru Yuri S2. *ahem* Please excuse us for any rough edges you see in our fansub. As usual, we will update the scripts for our batch torrent or for our BD version.

As for the manga, we are still translating it. We’re not entirely sure when we’ll release chapter 6, but I assure you you’ll see more our Sakura Trick manga translation in the near future.

Got any questions regarding Ao— the manga and anime?