Sakura Trick episode 12 + Vol4 Bonus Pages are OUT!!!

ST_12Here it is, folks! We finally did it! We finally finished the Sakura Trick anime!

Sakura Trick was one hell of a ride. I mean, they kiss every few minutes! Admittedly there are some cheesy moments and a few disappointments like few Yuzu x Kaede moments, there is nothing beyond the kissing and cuddling, and no major (good) drama like, say, a proper love triangle situation. Oh and where the hell is that Ball Sports Meet?

Overall though, it’s a good yuri slice-of-life show with genuinely good funny bits. For first time yuri viewers: Is this the best yuri anime to start with? Yes and No. Yes because it’s a light-hearted show with no big melodrama and sex. No because it has no melodrama, sex and depth. But if you really want a definite answer, we can’t give you one. What we can do, however, is suggest you check out this newcomer’s guide to yuri.

Other than that, enjoy our version for the final epis— Hmm? What’s that? You’re wondering what’s up with that ZIP file bundled with episode 12? The ZIP file contains two panels from Sakura Trick volume 4. While you wait for us to release the actual chapters, please enjoy these teaser panels! For now!

Have fun!


Sakura Trick — 12


Sakura Trick — 12
Sakura Trick manga volume 04 — Bonus Pages



 Episode 12 End Card

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