Sakura Trick episode 10 is OUT!!!

ST_10Thought of the week — “Finding a capbox is like finding a Malaysian Airlines flight in the South China Sea”

As you might have guessed, we’re still looking for a capper for Sakura Trick TV. Gives us a holler if you’re interested! We (desperately) need one. *ahem* Only two episodes left, folks! And, wow, we’re still here, releasing Sakura Trick fansubs in less than three-four days. It’s one of our biggest accomplishments yet!


With everyone having the lilies, Kaede is bound to find out her classmates’ uh, ‘extra-curricular activities’.


01:39 — This phrase is directly from a Heian period novel written by the female author Sei Shounagon, entitled The “Pillow Book”.

10:50 — We really tried with this joke… Yuzu calls Yuu a “kaze no ko” (a creature/child of the outdoors), but she misheard it as “kazunoko” (herring roe, which is what Haruka envisions). We tried to make it something that Yuu would be irritated by (being called a kid), while at least getting across some of the meaning of “kaze no ko”. If we were wrong in doing so, we’ll promptly commit sudoku.

17:40“kanojo” can mean “her/she” and also “girlfriend”. In this way, Kaede was led to ponder the logistics of same-sex relationships.


Sakura Trick – 10


Sakura Trick – 10



 Episode 10 End Card (720p)

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