Sakura Trick episode 09 is OUT!!!

ST_09Whoops! Sorry about that.

Our capper’s machine malfunctioned, so we were not able to get the transport stream of episode 09. For this release, we used Zero-Raws and we hope this will be the first and last time we use an encode we didn’t make. Speaking of the raw… We’re looking for a sorta-like “Plan B Capper”. Just in case our main capper fails to get the .ts files, we need someone else to provide back up. Interested? Please read this for more info. Oh and regarding the manga…


Uh… Kaede’s mischievous nature is going to bite her back some day. Picture out a scenario where Kaede finally got out of the closet, confesses to Yuzu, and Yuzu brushed it off because she thinks it’s another one of Kaede’s pranks. Oh the drama!


Sakura Trick – 09


Sakura Trick – 09


Sakura_Trick_Art_09_LQEpisode 09 End Card (720p)

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