Sakura Trick episode 08 is OUT!!!

ST_08If you’re not following the manga, this episode is around the last few chapters of volume 02. Yes, it’s an indication that it will take as quite a while to catch up in the manga. Speaking of the manga… While you wait for the download to finish, please read our request regarding the acquisition of physical copies of the Sakura Trick manga. Oh and don’t forget to vote for the best Sakura Trick girl!


I’m having trouble finding somewhat relevant videos. *ahem* It’s Christmas! Yay! And you know what means? Valentine’s Day is coming! Though I doubt it’d make a difference because, well, the Valentine’s episode need to pull something greater, explosive and lewder than girls exchanging saliva. Oh, I know! Yuri se—*ahem*


Sakura Trick – 08 (version 2)


Sakura Trick – 08

We put the rest of the episodes for DDL


Sakura_Trick_Art_08Episode 08 End Card

Lazy_Lily_ST_Pixiv_Edit - 02Translated Pixiv Art

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