Sakura Trick episode 06 is OUT!!!

ST_06And we’re back to our regular scheduled releases! It also implies that none of us (except me SHiN) got any Valentine’s chocolate. And yes, I’m laughing at my comrades right now! Haha! Now where was I? Oh yes, here is Sakura Trick episode 06! This episode was a bit difficult because of the tons of signs DEEN threw at us. Thankfully it didn’t delay the release and we didn’t even need another typesetter to typeset the same repeated signs over and over. You just lost to our girl, my friends. And one an— Oh right. Sorry.


Sakura Trick has more kiss—This is one of the better ST episodes because we finally see some character development on some of the side characters. We’re pretty sure this episode is going to affect the votes in our “Best Sakura Trick Girl” poll (still vote for Yuzu!). A great episode overall! You don’t believe us? Well, you should! Why? Because we said so!


Sakura Trick – 06



We’re planning to put a DDL option here and we’re still looking for options.

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— Lazy Lily Fansubs