Sakura Trick episode 04 is OUT!!!

ST_04Oh hey, we’re getting the hang of this. Here is episode 04, and I hope you like matcha ice cream!


It’s a harem, I tell you. A yuri harem!


Sakura Trick – 04

TRANSLATOR NOTES (only read these AFTER you’re done watching the episode):

1.) Yuzu shares her name with a type of East Asian orange – the yuzu. Originating in China, the yuzu was later introduced to Korea and Japan. It is characterized by a bumpy exterior, and a tart, grapefruit-like taste with a mild sweetness (kinda like Yuzu’s actual personality). Mitsuki tries to recall her name by thinking of different citrus fruits, including the mikan (mandarin orange), the lemon, and the (Kaede-suggested) dekopon (a cross-bred Japanese orange with a bulge at its top). The first option is possible as an actual name, but not so much so in the latter two cases.

2.) 00:09:58 — Despite our handling of this line, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to say “cry yourself to sleep” in Japanese… you’re in luck! Kaede says “nakineiri” (泣き寝入り), which comes out as “cry, sleep, enter”. Put literally, this converts to: “entering sleep while crying”.

Thank you for watching and please seed as much as you can!

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