Sakura Trick Chapter 4+ Status

Aoi considers the followingJust to avoid confusion, Kiriya Aoi (the beautiful girl you see above) is currently this group’s sorta-mascot character. If it’s about status updates on anime translation, manga translation or anything, Aoi will be there.

It’s been almost four weeks since we released Sakura Trick chapter 3 and up until now we’re kinda quiet about the manga translation’s progress. Fortunately we’re still working on chapter 4. In fact, translation of chapter 4 is done and we’re now in the process of translating chapter 5. What’s left on chapter 4 is the page cleaning and typesetting. We got a new guy to work on chapter 4 and right now he’s, like, 60% done. We’re aiming to release chapter 4 this week and if all goes too well, chapter 5 as well.

Sorry for the delay!

— Lazy Lily Fansubs