Rev.from DVL – Ai Girl (Type-B Aikatsu! Collab) is OUT!!!

Ai Girl CF

Okay, what is this? It’s a CD… with Aikatsu! on it, but no Aikatsu! idols, but it’s still Aikatsu-related. *ahem* Right.  Hashimoto Kanna (You’ve seen her before, right? She was featured in that summary episode IIRC) is the current Aikatsu supporter idol-something (whatever they’re called) and she fronts Rev.from DVL. One of the songs, Ai Girl was among the featured songs in Johnny’s Show Time. If you want to expand your Aikatsu! music collection, this is a neat addition.

Yeah, I know, the scan quality isn’t really good.

Anyways, enjoy!

[Torrent] — Rev.from DVL – Ai Girl (Type-B Aikatsu! Collaboration Version) (FLAC)

[Mega] — Rev.from DVL – Ai Girl (Type-B Aikatsu! Collaboration Version) (FLAC)


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