Repost: Yuru Yuri Drama CDs

AyaYui_01With season 3 just around the corner, I think this is the best time to repost these goodies. We will resume translating the drama CDs that were included in the Yuru Yuri S1 BD sets. If you want to listen to the girls while waiting for season 3… Well, here you go!


Yuru Yuri Drama CD – 01 (Akari and Akane)
Yuru Yuri Drama CD – 02 (Kyouko and Ayano)
Yuru Yuri Drama CD – 03 (Yui and Chinatsu)

There are six drama CDs and we will finish the rest after we’re done with Sakura Trick TV.

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

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— Lazy Lily Fansubs