Remaster/Rework Previous Projects

Aoi-tanStill no releases, so you folks (the 50 or so people who browse this site) better get used to posts like these.

I wouldn’t say I’m fed up with fansubbing, but fansubbing is truly hard and demanding compared to the old days. With CrunchyRoll giving fansubbers a run for their mone—donat—*ahem* Right. On to the main bit. I watched some of our old stuff and while they’re acceptable as fansubs, I thought it’d be a good idea to rework them and give them that Lazy Lily Seal of Quality. Technically make them better.

I won’t make this long so I’ll only mention two shows we did.

Candy Boy was my pet project back at SHiN-gx and I want to change a few things like encoding the videos to 10-bit, reduce the potency of the filters, change the dialogue font, rework the typesetting, and check the scripts for inconsistencies.

Myself; Yourself was SHiN-gx’s first TV series to fansub and even though we put our genuine love to the show, the output of our subs was poor. Our translator was still learning Japanese, missing lines in episode 01, overly long sentences, and bizarre wordings like the /a/-infamous “Close the lights”. I would definitely love to work on this one. Pretty good OST, by the way.

Aside from Lazy Lily shifting focus on translating OVAs, anime movies, and finishing our old stuff, Lazy Lily may go back further into the past and revive our old love. It may take forever, it may not even work out like it should, but damn, I want these shows back with renewed vigor, and (call me delusional) make them the best fansubbed versions on the internet. And hey, if sarcasm permits, we may finally get a blue status at Nyaa without resorting to online fellatio!


On an unrelated note, we are going to acquire the Juuden-chan OVA. Problem is our translator doesn’t have Blu-ray drive.