Regarding Take Down Requests from Fan Artists

Kiriya Aoi - 00922So it has come to my attention (twice) that some fan artists doesn’t like their work getting adapted into English for varying reasons, like they just don’t want to or their living hinges on their books’ sales, and etc. For the past few months, two fan artists emailed me to take down their translated books off Lazy Lily. After being a dick and ignored them for a while, I finally decided, to, well, not ignore them and honor their demands.

I have taken down the following books:

  • Secret x Secret
  • RanAo SukeBook
  • Tsubasa ni Jetto
  • Futari no Beyer
  • Hyottoshite tara watashi-tachi, first kiss wa mada nano kamo

Now that I am caught with my hand in the cookie jar, Lazy Lily will encounter more take downs for the rest of our existence. I will honor any requests from the artists if they wish to remove their works off Lazy Lily. The doujinshi stays until we receive a take down request.

To every fan artist who reads this post: My primary objective is to share fan works aka doujinshi to Western fans by means of adapting your works to English. I’m doing this out of my love for Aikatsu! and I am not making a financial profit through all of this. I buy the books I like, translate them to English and share it to the world. The donations I receive will go directly to future doujinshi projects. All files hosted here are free to download.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs