Lazy Lily is looking for additional help

We’re recruiting for any of the following:

  • Additional translators for our Aikatsu! doujinshi.
  • Typesetters for our Aikatsu! doujinshi
  • Manga/Doujin/Scan Cleaners

Urgent hiring:

Translators for our Aikatsu! Doujinshi

Looking for a translator to speed up our scanlation. We need additional background info, so before we start, I have to evaluate you first.

Typesetters and cleaners for the Aikatsu! doujinshi

We have a decent collection of Aikatsu doujinshi art books, but we need someone who is good at photo stitch and restoration. Currently we’re looking for a cleaner who can stitch and “fix” this art book:


We are also looking for additional typesetters to help us share Aikatsu! doujinshi every month. As of now we only have volunteer TS’ers helping us out, but they’re not fully committed to help Lazy Lily every time. You will be tasked to clean EVERY SFX and signs as possible because we’re aiming for a 100% translated text approach.


  • Experienced
  • Cleaned/TS’d at least a couple of books
  • Provide a sample of your past works and credentials so I will know who are you and where you’re currently stationed.

Interested? Please send us an email!