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I’m not sure if Kuttsukiboshi can be labeled as an obscure anime or not. Whatever the case is, I think it’s time to bring this OVA up. Lazy Lily is getting a lot of site visits because of the Yuru Yuri OVA, so let me use this chance to give this two-episode OVA some exposure.


Kiiko is your normal girl, besides her secret of being able to move objects with her mind. When a new student named Aaya moves in, Kiiko starts to develop feelings toward her. The two will eventually then start their romantic relationship. Although everything seems fine, Kiiko does not know that Aaya has another secret, a secret that could ruin Kiiko’s feelings and trust for Aaya.

Kuttsukiboshi or Stars Intertwined is an anime written and animated by a freelance animator named Ishikawa Naoya, and is produced by Primastea (Isshoni Training, Isshoni Sleeping). The anime was produced with a low budget, so the art and animation quality is above okay by anime standards. In my opinion, this anime was very, uh, controversial(?) after the first episode came out in 2010. I won’t spoil it to you, but it pissed off a lot of people (mostly the yuri loyalists) and we had to wait for almost two years for its conclusion. The conclusion was… acceptable.

Did I like the anime? Yeah, I like it. The story isn’t spectacular, but it offers a lot of yuri moments. The art and animation is distracting at first, but you’ll get used it. With all that said, please give this OVA a try if you haven’t seen it. I guarantee it’ll be a unique experience. Also Ishikawa Naoya is still making Kuttsukiboshi art and stories, so if you’re interested please check out his works at pixiv.


[Torrent] — Kuttsukiboshi 1-2 (DVD)

[Mega] — Kuttsukiboshi episode 01 (DVD)
[Mega] — Kuttsukiboshi episode 02 (DVD)


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