Ran x Aoi OTP


So, a lot of people in the Western fandom doesn’t really like this pairing at all and there’s good reason for that. Ichigo is the perfect partner for Aoi and if Aikatsu! wasn’t restricted, they may as well be a gay couple. But some people, like me, saw a potential for a far more interesting relationship between Aoi and Ran. Of all the characters in Aikatsu!, Ran is the only tachi type with that tall figure, masculine speech, etc., and Aoi, Ichigo and perhaps Hikari are the only people she’s close with, it’s often natural for fans to pair Ran to any of them, especially Aoi. Yurika? Heh, since when did Ran and Yurika had a lengthy conversation? But yeah, it’s rather lengthy if I say this in detail and to put this very simply — It’s the red and blue, or the cool and spicy thing… Even though Ran is a brunette… Anyways.

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If you read our recent release, you noticed we added a short compilation Ran x Aoi page as a teaser. Sadly you won’t see this released due to certain restrictions. This is the reason why I—a huge RanAo fangirl—never bothered translating a RanAo book with a story to tell. Why did I bother putting a teaser of a doujinshi that no one will ever read in English? Firstly for bragging rights that despite these restrictions, I can still translate the doujinshi without breaking the agreement. This exception really made the resignation of two people pointless and fucking stupid. And secondly we still haven’t found a cleaner for this book. No cleaner = no cleaned pages to use as a teaser, and uncertain the book will ever be localized.

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What makes this fan-fiction so special and why the hell do I keep on referencing this on Twitter? The art style is fucking amazing. And it’s by far the only book that tells the possible story of what happened to Aoi and Ran right after Ichigo left for America at the end of season 1. I’ve read a few Ran x Aoi or RanAo stories, but they focus more on the lezzy sex like that extra we added in our Futari no Beyer release, or the stories took place long after the time skip. Secret x Secret, made by fan artist Nae, really tells the story and establishes the relationship between Aoi and Ran. Nae didn’t stop there, she already made a sequel and will perhaps make a third one next year. Nae’s story is the closest thing you can get to why Aoi and Ran ended up together.

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We are currently working on Secret x Secret and I will only share this to closest of friends. If you were looking forward in reading this, I’m very sorry. If it’s any consolation, we’ll share previews of the doujinshi or read some RanAo stories that we can translate and share with no restrictions.

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What’s our next doujinshi release? Stay tuned because finding a cleaner is as difficult as finding a translator.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


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