Project for 2014: Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick Poster

What is this show about? The story revolves around Haruka and Yū, two girls who go to a high school that is slated to be shut down in three years. To share “something special” between them, they share a kiss, and their relationship deepens from that moment onward. More info: ANN.

We caught wind of this news not too long ago and since we’re, uh, you know, yuri-centric, we’re going to pick this show up! To share a few tidbits, one of the main characters is voiced by Iguchi Yuka, the director for the anime is Ishikura Ken’ichi, and Sakai Kyuta is the character designer. He/She also did the character designs for the Sono Hanabira OVA (If you’re curious about the OVA, you can grab a copy of our fansub version. Be warned — the OVA contains nudity, sex and glorious amount of yuri lovin’).

Not yet interested?! Aw, come o— Here are some few pages from the manga.









Yeah, I know. This is going to be good!

Now, now, hold your horses there, pardner! Unfortunately, the anime will air in January 2014, so it will be a while. I suggest you go read the manga first or watch some Non Non Biyori for your seasonal cute girls doing cute things anime fix.

— Lazy Lily Fansubs