Poll Results, and…

Poll Results

A few months ago I asked what the readers want us to prioritize by making a poll, and, well, here you go. 61% of the readers prefer to read something lengthy and interesting. This is what you wanted, so we’ll work on something we had planned for a while. What’s the title? KiraKira Future by Shinoasa.


Starlight School and Dream Academy are working together for a special live concert on a stormy night. Unsurprisingly lighting struck the stadium and the dressing rooms with Seira and Aoi inside went haywire. When Seira and Aoi regained consciousness, they discovered they were sent back to the past.

There’s a problem though… The book is centered around Seira. Why is this a problem?

I did a crude stats check on our releases and discovered Allegro Break!, a well-drawn funny book, is the most unpopular book we translated to date (next to Donkan de, wagamama na.). I’m surprised it got little attention. Heck, After and Lunch Break were more popular than Allegro Break!. Maybe the books were not lewd or one of them had Seira in it?

We worked really hard on Allegro Break! and seeing it flop is very discouraging. It feels like we all wasted our efforts on something people didn’t like and I fear that KiraKira Future will flop as well. I dunno about you, but seeing people having fun reading our translations is very satisfying and gives us more the reason to continue.

TL;DR: We may ignore the poll and drop the idea of translating KiraKira Future.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs